Everything You Need to Know about Pets at the Minnesota State Fair

Photo: The Super Collies – Stunt Dog Show Productions

The great Minnesota get together is upon us, and we’re obsessed with planning what to see, do, and eat (mainly just that last one). But what about pets at the MN State Fair? We dug into the deets dog lovers need to know.

First thing’s first — unfortch for Fido, who’d most definitely enjoy a Pronto Pup — the State Fair prohibits pets other than service and exhibition dogs.

But fret not, dog lovers: There’s still plenty to enjoy at the Minnesota State Fair.

The Pet Pavilions have moved to a new, open-air space, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet a variety of different dog breeds, visit an exhibition dedicated to spay and neuter surgeries, and shop pet-centric treats and accessories to bring home to your patient pupper.

There’s also a grassy outdoor demonstration area where you can observe exciting demos like agility, obedience, police K-9 work, and much more.

All of this fun can be sniffed out near the west side of Underwood Street, north of Murphy Avenue. Check out the full schedule here.

And that’s not all — you’ll also have the chance to witness the paw-dropping All-Star Stunt Dogs, who make a splash with fancy flips, tricks, dock dives, and more. The best part? These show dogs have all been adopted from rescues and shelters, and they’re heck-bent on promoting adoption, spaying/neutering, and responsible pet ownership. ♥ Catch daily shows at 11am, 2pm, and 4:30pm at the North Woods building, just a few short steps from the Pet Pavilions.

What are you most looking forward to about the MN State Fair? Doo tell, dog lovers!

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