Pet Wedding Attendants Are a Thing. Here’s Why to Hire One

Your dog’s given her blessing (in so many slobbers), and now you want her right by your side when you say, “I do.” Or maybe you want pupper to wag down the aisle to deliver the rings. Or show off that fine cha-cha during the reception. Furtunately, we live in 2020 and there’s a service for that. They’re called pet wedding attendants and they’re a growing trend across the country. We talked with Lara Leinen of Doggy Social MN in Minnesota and Tehya Mockapetris of Furever and Fur Always in Maryland to get the scoop.

Sidewalk Dog: What exactly does a pet wedding attendant do? Tell us all the things.

Lara Leinen: Doggy Social MN offers full-service furbaby care before, during, and after your wedding day. We create a worry-free, safe, and fun environment for everyone involved. We’ll dress, walk, chauffeur, photograph, feed, and play with your pet so they can be a part of your big day. Belly rubs and ear scratches galore are of course included. We also love working with your vendors to help make sure everything goes smoothly, and connecting with your guests. We’re dog people but we’re also people people.

SWD: Wow, we’ve been waiting hand and paw on our pups all this time fur free! What are some of the main reasons customers hire you? 

LL: Couples want all their friends and family at their wedding to have a good time. Caring for their pup at their wedding is more than couples want to ask of their guests. We bring your pup exactly when you want them and take them back home when their visit is done. During their visit, we assist them during pictures, ceremony, social hour, and/or other fun activities. 

Tehya Mockapetris: Exactly. Because our main focus is entertaining and caring for your pet, it allows everyone to be present for the two getting married. Logistically, it’s very challenging to figure out how to get a pet to the wedding & how to get them home, but with a pet wedding attendant it’s all arranged.

SWD: Ah, yes. A good girl always needs a DD. So is it just doggos you’re walking down the aisle?

LL: We’ve had one kitty and would love to have more variety. We could help with bunnies, turtles, birds, fish, and whatever else you love dearly.

TM: We’ve had requests about a pig and a mini pony and were thrilled for the opportunity!

SWD: Sounds great, if you have an angel dog or mini pony (we wish!). What about baddies–can *they* party, too?

LL: Many people would love to have a few pics of their pups on their big day but think, “oh, my dog isn’t perfectly behaved, he would be too much work.” But with a pro taking care of your pup, you can enjoy those few special moments not be overwhelmed because we are there taking great care of your pups. We absolutely love to help your wedding day be truly perfect!

Wanna get in on this mutt-rimonial magic? Here’s some wisdom from Leinen.


Bringing your pooch to daycare the day before. This may help them be more relaxed on the big day.

Having your pet wedding attendant chauffeur them to and from the wedding. Taking any responsibility off of you and your fam so you can fully enjoy the day is always a good idea.

Teaching your pup to sit and stay. These are great skills for the wedding day, but no worries if they don’t know it yet.

Accessorizing, honey. While your pup is pawfect just the way they are, finding a cute bowtie, floral collar, pearl necklace, or bandana can add just the right amount of fancy.


Having your pup there all day. While you and your pooch love spending loads of time together, your wedding is a busy and exciting day that can be tiring. Many dogs will appreciate being a part of it for a bit and then heading home for a nap. If you have an anxious pup, don’t worry! We can have the pup there with just you, your fiancé, and your photographer for a few quick special moments and then head back home.

Would you want your pooch at your wedding? Bark at us in the comments.

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