8 Paved Seattle Trails for Walkies With Your Woofer

Puppo heard that taking a walk can help you destress and be more mindful of the things around you. Well, pup’s just hopin’ you’ll be mindful you buy more treatos cuz she’s stressed you’re gonna run out! Sounds like some walkies could do the whole pack some good. Sniff out these paved Seattle walking trails for your next walk with da woofer. 

Note: Remember to keep doggo on leash and always pick up any messes. 

1. West Seattle Bridge Trail

Your lil’ adventurer will love the water views from the West Seattle Bridge Trail. This urban, paved trail follows SW Spokane Street over the East Waterway, across Harbor Island, and back over the West Waterway for a total of 2 miles roundtrip. A trek like that’ll def earn your doggo some brrraggin’ rights! 

2. Seward Park Loop

Sun’s out you say?! Time for a jaunt around the park. The beautiful 2.4-mile Seward Park Loop weaves throughout the Bailey Peninsula on Lake Washington. The paved path will lead ur cultured Corgi past a native plant garden and an amphitheater. To bark or not to bark…that is the question.

3. Green Lake Park

Fido wants to say hi to all his feathered frens at Green Lake Park. The 2.8-mile trail around the lake will bring pup snoot to beak with American Coots, ducks, and geese—oh my! There’s an inner paved path for walkers and a graveled outer path for bikers and skaters. Best to keep to the inner path unless your tail-wagger’s on wheels. 

4. Chief Sealth Trail

Your chief of cuteness will fit right in on the Chief Sealth Trail. Skip down the 4.3-mile paved trail through a wildflower greenbelt surrounded by mountainous views. Chief Sealth Trail connects Jefferson Park (fur hoomans only) with the dog-friendly Kubota Gardens. 

Note: Check out Kubota Gardens and other dog-friendly Seattle gardens here

5. Alki Trail

Where our beach boys at? The Alki Trail (4.4 miles one way) runs from the Alki beaches on the west side of Duwamish Head through West Seattle’s industrial area. After workin’ up a whale of an appetite, sniff out Alki Cafe and Ampersand Cafe for some yummy human eats and dog-friendly patios. Lil’ Prince could get used to this routine! 

6. Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop

Your furbabe doesn’t see what all the fuss is about—Lake Union just looks like a big puddle to her. But it’s one she def wants to investigate. Time to frolic with your floof on the 6-mile Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop, which connects parks and trail systems around the lake, including the iconic Gas Works Park (perf place to park). We’re willing to bet ur pupper knows a thing or two about being iconic and gassy. 

7. Elliot Bay Trail 

Tour guide Buddy is full of pent-up winter energy and ready to walk the 10-mile Elliot Bay Trail from North to South Seattle. This urban trail runs along the Elliot Bay shoreline through the Olympic Sculpture Garden and Myrtle Edwards Park. Your BFF will consider himself a Seattle expert after a tour like this. 

8. Burke Gilman Trail 

The Burke Gilman Trail is the ultimutt Seattle walking trail. This trail follows the path of a retired railroad corridor through the city and is a woofing 20 miles one way. You and doggo can hike the whole thing or sample smaller sections—Burke Gilman even connects to Elliot Bay Trail and Cheshiahud Loop. Pup’s gonna know this city like the back of her paw!

What Seattle walking trails get your good boy beggin’ fur more? Howl at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog in pics of your furry fren hittin’ the trails!

Featured photo: Zaw lin htet

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