Fur-ternity Leave: One Workplace Policy Lets New Dog Parents Stay Home

Parental leave for pets? Yes please! MPR is reporting that Minneapolis digital marketing agency Nina Hale is offering new pet parents the opportunity to work from home to help their new addition settle in.

The policy, dubbed “fur-ternity leave,” is a way of offering dog-owning employees the flexibility needed to welcome a new four-legged family member. The first days and weeks with a new pet can be crucial for things like bonding and house training, so extra moments spent together in the early days can reap loads of benefits down the line.

“People are at all different points during their life. So for us, it’s about providing flexibility to people — however they define their family — even if it’s not a formal parental leave,” Nina Hale’s executive vice president for client services, Allison McMenimen, is quoted by MPR as saying.

Treating dogs as family: Now that’s a paw-licy we can get behind.

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