Pack Leader Ali Jarvis Named Best Human Ever

Well, not quite. But earlier this year, our fearless leader, Ali Jarvis, was named Innovation in Services Business Owner of the Year* by the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Minnesota chapter (bow wow!). As 2013 comes to a close, we got the lowdown on the beginnings of, her inspirations, and the dog-lovin’ Twin Cities (natch).

What do you think Luc, your late Cavalier King Charles spaniel who inspired, would have to say if he could see you today?
Well, since my little lemon was not only the sweetest pooch ever but also the special-neediest dog ever, I think he’d open one eye and say something like, “Good job, Mom!” and then go right back to sleep.

Two paws up!

Two paws up!

Talk about an achievement! What does this kind of recognition mean to you?
It certainly feels good to be recognized; it makes me feel like maybe all the freaking out and sleepless nights and doubting days and tears were worth it. But more than anything, it makes me feel grateful to everyone who’s been instrumental in getting to this point (that includes you, SWDers!) and really, really excited about the future.­

Why do you think the Twin Cities is becoming so dog-friendly?
Because dog parents are asking for it. Their pooches are full-fledged family members, and they want to include them in all aspects of their lives: dining, traveling, running errands, you name it. I’d also like to think that has had something to do with creating a more dog-friendly Twin Cities by being a resource for dog lovers and offering a platform for the dog-friendly businesses that want to attract them — THE most loyal breed of customer there is.

What energizes and inspires you when you get out of bed in the morning?
That’s easy: my girl Maggie Moo! (Seriously — she forces me out of bed between 6:30 and 7 every morning when she starts licking my face.) I’m also hugely inspired by our readers (we get the nicest notes) and energized by the relationships we have with our fabulous partners.

What’s in store for 2014?
We’re gonna keep growin’ and of course keep dishin’ out more and more of what our readers are asking for — maybe even some products. Stay tuned!

*Revenue category: Under $1M

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