Level Up Pup’s Yard With These Outdoor Dog Beds

Whether you’re going on a camping trip, chillin’ poolside, or grilling out on the patio, the great outdoors is better with your best friend by your side. And since your fancy floof deserves the finer things in life, she mutts have her very own outdoor dog bed. It’s only fair after you splurged on that hammock you insist is only for humans…rude. Spruce up your yard with one of these outdoor dog beds.

Waterproof Dog Beds

If you’ve got a doggy paddler on your paws (or an accident-prone pupper), look no further than waterproof dog beds. They typically come with a waterproof lining, which prevents liquids from soaking into the bed’s filling, or a waterproof base, which will protect the surface underneath the bed. 

Plus, some waterproof dog beds come with washable covers, so you can keep the bed clean and smellin’ fresh (or at least less like wet dog)!

Dog Beds with Canopies

If you’re sleeping under a tent, it’s only right that frens get to too! Canopied dog beds look like mini tents made just for doggos—and they protect puppers from the rain. Too much time spent in the sun? The canopy also provides shade for smol fries sick of sunbathing.

Travel Mats

Perfect for good boys (and girls) on the go, travel mats can be rolled and packed up for long trips. Most travel mats are flexible and waterproof, making it the pawfect option for camping trips and other outdoor travel adventures.

Heated Dog Beds

Pups in cool climates can benefit from heated dog beds. Just be careful—many heated dog beds use electricity, so make sure you’re following advised electrical practices and pick a dog bed that’s safe for outdoor use.

Cooling Dog Beds

Hot diggity dawgs, meet cooling dog beds.  Featuring cool-touch fabric, these beds are the dog equivalent of the cool side of the pillow.

For something a little breezier (cuz everypup likes a lil’ wind-in-his-hair moment), try an elevated dog bed. Because they’re a few inches off the ground, these dog beds offer more breathability. Besides, pup will look h*ckin’ cool hanging out atop a doggy throne.

Bonus: Dog Beds with Heating AND Cooling

If you’re looking for something versatile that’ll fit different climates, look for a dog bed with fleece on one side and cool-touch fabric on the other—that way, no matter what the temp is outside, pup can stay comfy! It’s truly the Rolls-over Royce of dog beds.

Do you have any recs for outdoor dog beds? Woof at us in the comments and let us know!

Featured photo: Alvan Nee

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