Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog in Chicago

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Dogs are beautiful creatures. They are incredibly loyal and smart as a whip. But, they also require lots of attention, which can be overwhelming, especially for newbie dog owners. 

Other than mental stimulation and training, dogs also require physical training. That means a lot of walking and running – perfect for dog owners in Chicago. Here are the best outdoor activities in the local area for you and your little buddy.


Many dogs are highly energetic and intelligent, requiring a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Hiking provides them with the opportunity to burn off excess energy and keep them physically fit. 

While Chicago may not have vast wilderness areas, there are still several options for dog-friendly hiking trails and parks in and around the city. One popular destination is the Chicago Lakefront Trail. This trail stretches 18 miles along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and offers unforgettable views of the lake and skyline. Since dogs are allowed as long as they’re on a leash, this trail is an excellent option for a leisurely walk or jog.

Another option is the Caldwell Woods Forest Preserve, located on the northwest side of the city. This preserve features several trails that wind through wooded areas and along the North Branch of the Chicago River. Dogs are allowed on the tracks but must be kept on a leash.

Most dog breeds have a strong instinct to explore and roam in wide open spaces. Hiking allows them to satisfy their instincts and explore new environments, which can mentally stimulate them. 

If you plan on taking your companion on a hike in a different city, you should ask yourself – where is the best traveling vet near me? This can mean the difference between life and death in some scenarios.

Frisbee Catching

Playing Frisbee engages your dog’s mind and body, providing them a challenging and fun activity. Dogs known for their athleticism and natural herding instincts enjoy playing Frisbee as it allows them to channel these traits positively. This activity helps them to develop their jumping and catching skills, as well as their ability to change direction quickly.

Frisbee catching is also a great way to bond with your precious friend. It creates a strong sense of teamwork and trust between you and your dog. The game requires communication and cooperation, as you need to throw the Frisbee accurately, and your dog needs to catch it. This shared activity strengthens the bond and enhances the relationship between you and your furry friend.

Chicago offers several parks and designated areas for you and your furry friend to play frisbee, like:

  1. Montrose Dog Beach
  2. Wiggly Field Dog Park
  3. Jackson Park
  4. Grant Park
  5. Churchill Field Playlot

Take Precautions

If you want to enjoy an excellent frisbee adventure with your doggo, get a rubber frisbee. This way, you protect your puppy from nasty mouth injuries. The gentle rubber frisbee is much more comfortable and will prevent any injuries from the contact sport.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for dogs. It provides a low-impact workout that’s easy on their joints, making it ideal for dogs with arthritis or other joint issues. Swimming also helps to build muscle strength, improve cardiovascular health, and help dogs maintain a healthy weight. 

Some dogs may be hesitant or fearful of water initially. Introducing them to swimming in a controlled and safe environment can help build their confidence and overcome any fears they may have. Always supervise your doggo while swimming and ensure their safety by using a life jacket if needed. Gradually introduce them to water and provide positive reinforcement to make the experience enjoyable.

While there are not many designated dog swimming areas in the city, there are still a few options available. One popular spot is Montrose Dog Beach, located on the north side of the city. This beach allows dogs to swim off-leash in a designated area of Lake Michigan.

Another option is Belmont Harbor Dog Beach, located on the east side of the city. This beach also has a designated area for dogs to swim off-leash. It’s a smaller beach than Montrose, but it still provides an excellent spot for dogs to enjoy the water.

In summer, swimming is a fantastic way for your dog to cool off and beat the heat. It allows them to regulate their body temperature and stay comfortable during the hotter months. 

Final word

Chicago offers a variety of outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your pup. Whether it’s hiking, frisbee catching, or swimming, playing outdoors provides an opportunity for quality time together that’ll help strengthen the bond between dog and owner – and will be a fun experience for you both. 

Author Bio: Pam Brown is a linguist who left her job in a high school because she needed a new challenge in her young life. With her impeccable knowledge of the English language and her passion for literature, she makes one heck of a writer and lector. 

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