We’re Crazy About This BRAND NEW Online Community For Dog Lovers

Photo: Patrick Hendry

BIG NEWS, dog lovers: We just launched a brand puppin’ new online community where you can chat with fellow locals about your fave topic (the doggos, obvs) and all the places, parties, and activities where you can bring ’em along.


  • Authentic conversations and exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else.
  • The chance to talk to people who share your love of dog-friendly life in your own city and cities around the country.
  • Loads of inspiration for things to do with your pup, thought-provoking conversations, and the opportunity to swap stories, experiences, advice, and ideas with other pet lovers.
  • More ways than ever to live your best possible life with your pooch by your side.


This new community is a lot like a Facebook group but without, you know, the pesky “Facebook” part. So you won’t be seeing:

  • Facebook ads and other distractions that space is known for
  • Human baby photos (unless they’re cuddling with their four-legged BFF, that is)
  • Political posts from Uncle Bart


  • It’s on a brand new platform with tons of features that you won’t find on Facebook groups: superb search functionality, courses (like how to make your dog Instagram famous coming soon!), rewards for referring your friends, topic sorting, and more.
  • You can use it on your desktop or with the mobile app.

It’s FREE, so head on over and be one of the first to sniff it out! The more people who join the better this community will be for you, so tell every dog lover you know.

Plus, TREATS! To jumpstart this new community, the first 100 people who join will be automatically entered to win a $50 LUSH gift card courtesy of yours truly.


(Prefer Facebook? We’ve gotcha covered there, too. Check us out in Minneapolis/St Paul, Chicago, Seattle, and Denver.)

P.S. A note just for our Twin Cities friends: We’re starting to expand into other cities and it’s paramount to us that we don’t lose any of the hyper-localness you ruv about us. We’ve done our homework and think this new platform is the best way to keep our good thing goin’, but we would so appreciate if you guys could check it out and give us your feedback (email woof@sidewalkdog.com). We wanna work together WITH you to figure out whether this is the right move. We couldn’t do any of this without you and your gorgeous pups, and we’re beyond grateful to you for helping us build this outstanding community over the years. ♥

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