The Results Are In! Okoa Pet CBD Calming Treats Help Dogs Settle TF Down

Last December, we recruited 101 anxious pups for a Great Dane-sized study (on reducing dog anxiety with pet CBD) using Okoa Pet “Hush, Puppy” Calming CBD treats. We screened all dog participants with a survey to rank anxiety behaviors (scratching, licking, barking, etc.) as well as when anxiety occurs (separation, nail clipping, thunderstorms, car rides). To establish a baseline, participants answered the same survey questions before and after giving their dogs CBD treats for a two-week period to see if the treats had an impact–and the results are rebarkable!

Okoa Pet CBD Calming Treats Study Results

“My dog went from an anxious, reactive dog to more relaxed and not reactive to ordinary noises and objects that normally scare her! I can tell these allow her to relax and be happy!” – Taylor, Minneapolis

These dog-awful behaviors (among others) decreased significantly after just two weeks:

  • Barking when people come to the door
  • Nervousness/destructiveness when left alone
  • Panic when riding in vehicle
  • Nervousness at the vet/groomer
  • Excessive skin scratching
  • Waking up during the night
  • Humans locking themselves in the bathroom to cry (wasn’t on the survey, but if we had to guess

Survey respondents also found a significant increase in the playfulness and calmness of their dog (and the amount of Golden Girls episodes pups would cuddle thru). While there are a lot of CBD products on the market, this study shows the notable impact of choosing a quality product that is formulated by veterinarians, and tested and approved by pet parents. Our study is currently the largest conducted with statistically significant findings that CBD calms anxious dogs. View the full findings here.

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Aloha! Okoa comes from the Hawaiian word ‘Oko’a, which means transparent, different, and holistic. Okoa Pet is the name you can trust for your pet’s natural health and wellness needs.Their products are designed to maximize the natural benefits of the hemp plant while ensuring consistency, quality, and, ultimately, your pet’s safety.

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