Office Puppy Deliveries, Puppy Parties, & Finally Something for Cat People (But Just This Once)

Honestly, there are days when life is absolute trash and we don’t wanna get out of bed. And then there are days when we get to see a puppy. These local rescues can help you get more of the latter by hookin’ you up with a litter.

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Puppy Pop-Ups

Puppers may look like squishy angels sent here to prove Dog loves us, but they are actually tiny maniacs who need near constant attention to grow into fine, upstanding doggos. For a $500 donation, The Anti-Cruelty Society will bring 2-5 puppies to your office within 10 miles of Chicago. They’ll give you snugs ‘n kisses and you’ll give them valuable socialization, without which they might never learn to be lubbed.

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Puppy Parades

In warmer months, The Anti-Cruelty Society also offers de-stress puppy playdates outdoors within walking distance of its downtown Chicago facility. It’s a $500 reservation fee but playtime with adoptable puppies is priceless so you’re already getting the deal of a lifetime. 

OTAT in the Office

It isn’t that work sucks or anything, but like…work sucks. And while it won’t fix Linda’s stupid face she makes when you ask a simple question or Phil’s inability to not leave the copy machine in utter ruins, having dogs in the office makes everything a h*ck of a lot better. All it takes to pet a pup as you whisper “pls get me out of here, I am not okay” into its soft little ears is a donation to our pals at One Tail at at Time. Your team’s $500 donation will get you out of a meeting that could have been an email–and that’s priceless.

Party with Pups @ Naper Humane

The Naperville Area Humane Society is a dandy place to host your human spawn’s next birthday party. Kiddos get a party coordinator, shelter tour and talk, and craft materials, AND you can BYOP (bring your own pizza). The tiny people can also take pics with the pups and the birthday star gets a special prezzie, too. Bonus? It’s a shelter and not a Chuck E. Cheese, so there’s only space for 10 total kids–meaning you don’t have to invite that punk Aiden from T-ball just cause his mom is sort of nice to you sometimes. (Wanna throw a cat party instead? Hit up The Catcade…and don’t forget to invite us.)

Have you ever partied with pups? Tell us all about how perfect and magical and pure it was in the comments.

(Photo by Victor Grabarczyk)

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