Win Treats by Testing NutriSource’s New Loyalty App!

If pup already ruvs NutriSource, the relationship just got a little sweeter. And if he hasn’t tried NutriSource yet, then what are you puggin’ waiting for? Their new Rewards App allows you to earn FREE Shih-Tzu and discounts on food and treats just for sharing a bit about pup and his favorite pet stores. And let’s be honest, when it comes to pup, you tend to overshare anyway.  

Free Treats for Everypawdy

It’s in soft launch stages now, but you can download the app here (Apple Store only for now. Sorry Droids, your time is coming.) and earn your first two rewards:

  • Share more about your doggo to earn a FREE bag of T-R-E-A-Ts.
  • Share your fave retailer to get $4 off a 12 lb or larger bag of kibble.

But wait, there’s more! We’re looking for 10 lucky doggos to test the app and share your honest to dog feedback. In exchange, pup’ll get a $50 bundle of NutriSource goodies.

Get MORE Free Goodies for Testing App

Fill out this SUPER quick form, and we’ll be in touch to let you know if you’ve been chosen to be an app Beta tester. You’ll download the app, test it out, then we’ll send you another fast and painless form for feedback. There are a lot of free treats in it for pup…you know the right thing to do.

Please share this article with anypawdy who ruvs or SHOULD ruv NutriSource.

NutriSource logo

This article was sniffed out in partnership with our pals at NutriSource. Sniff out their new PureVita TetraPaksand don’t furget to pack some Jerky Strips for all your dog-friendly adventures. Family-owned NutriSource is dedicated to whole-body pet health, supporting independent pet retailers, and giving back to their community. 

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