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Now Hiring: Pawsome Duo to Test Out Dog Products

Is your tail wagging at the thought of digging into the latest chew toys, leashes, and doggie treats?

Then Sidewalk Dog has a tail-wagging opportunity just for you two! We’re sniffing around for a pawsitively amazing Product Tester and Reviewer team to join our media pack.

Your Fetch List:

  • You and your human will get to roll around with the newest doggie goodies sent by Sidewalk Dog or our fur-iends.
  • Your human will write about the toys, treats, or whatever you get your paws on, saying what makes it a tail-wagger or a belly-flop.
  • Make a short “pup reel” where you try out or model the product.
  • Send us your pawsome article and video by the dog park time we agree on.


  • Your human should be good with words and maybe even know how to spell “S-Q-U-I-R-R-E-L” without saying it out loud.
  • Your human should know how to make a video that doesn’t get your bad side. Bonus: if they can cut out the part where you were sniffing the camera!
  • You should be a good doggo who loves toys, treats, or whatever else we throw your way.
  • You and your human are really good at doing things on time because no one likes waiting for treats, or reviews!
  • If your human has ever talked or written about doggie goodies before, that’s like finding an extra treat under the couch cushion!

Treats You’ll Get:

  • Free dog products for you to chew, tug, or snuggle!
  • 50 belly rubs—erm, we mean $50—for each completed review (words and video both).

So, if you’re wagging from snout to tail thinking about this, tell your human to apply below!

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