Almost Famous Dogs: Nora McInerny’s Stacy

Photo: Kylee and Christian Creative

For Minnesota’s homeless dogs, finding a loving family to call one’s own is like winning the doggo lotto. Stacy, a four-ish-year-old Shih Tzu from Secondhand Hounds, hit an even rarer jackpot last year, finding a bit of fame when she was picked up by well-known Minnesotan Nora McInerny.

Nora, based in Golden Valley, is a beloved author, podcaster, speaker, and nonprofit founder.

Stacy’s mom? You could say she’s got it going on.

(Repeat after me, folks: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.)

Nora introduced Stacy on Instagram with characteristic warmth and humor: “She spent her life in a puppy mill churning out babies. Her legs are bowed and her teeth are crooked. She doesn’t know how to be a dog, or how to be loved. That’s exactly why she’s perfect: because normal is a lie and we don’t want any part of it, and because being loved is hard and we are all trying to figure out how to be in a big scary world where people do bad things. We have different ways of coping, but hiding in small spaces and shaking profusely isn’t the worst one I’ve seen. We are gonna love the heck out of her, even when she chews up Ralph’s favorite modicator (thermometer and yes he has a favorite), even when it takes 45 minutes to get a leash on her. Because we don’t know what she went through and she doesn’t know what we’ve been through and we’re all just doing our best here and very rarely in life will you regret opening up your heart to more love.”

Sidewalk Dog was honored to score an interview with Nora, who gave us the scoop on her beloved pooch.

nora mcinerny dog
Nora and Stacy. Photo: Kylee and Christian Creative

Sidewalk Dog: Of the gazillions of adoptable dogs out there, how’d you choose Stacy?

Nora McInerny: I was obsessed with checking Petfinder for available dogs, but it seemed like they were all taken by the time they were listed. One day, I was on the phone with my credit union (Trustone!) and my banker (hi Michelle!) mentioned that her colleague (hi Brittany!) was fostering the cutest Shih Tzu. I immediately asked her to send me a link to the agency (hi, Secondhand Hounds!) and applied to meet her. A week later, she walked into our house and we knew she was ours.

SWD: We love a good meet-cute! Let’s talk nicknames. What else does she go by?

Nora: Stace Face, Stace of Base, Honey Bunny, Bun Bun, Oh My GOD ARE YOU PEEING ON THE CARPET?

SWD: That last one sounds familiar. What are some of Stacy’s favorite treats or toys?

Nora: She has an issue with eating anything made of plastic or rubber. We have to keep everything remotely rubbery off the floor or she devours it!

SWD: Dogs are such lovable little weirdos. What are some of her favorite ways to spend the day? Aside from chewing rubber, that is.

Nora: She loves going to the kids’ soccer games with us, sleeping the day away at the Still Kickin offices, stopping by Bauhaus Brewlabs (editor’s note: it’s dog-friendly inside!), and riding in the stroller to the park (I wish I were joking).

SWD: Does Stacy have any other fun hobbies?

Nora: Right before bed, she runs laps around our house as fast as she can, and then collapses. If we’re downstairs, it sounds like she’s trying out for the Olympics.

SWD: Where’s her favorite spot in the house?

Nora: Wherever I am (she is obsessed with me). She only has eyes for me and our 11-year-old human child, Sophie. Otherwise, the human world is just a collection of ankles and feet she couldn’t care less about.

SWD: Speaking of having particular tastes, it also seems like Stacy’s got a great sense of fashion. Where can other dogs find a Stacy-approved bandana?

Nora: We’ve got NEW Still Kickin x Lucy&Co dog bandanas coming out January 15th! You can nab one at or at RAAS Local Market at Mall of America through Super Bowl Weekend. Every bandana sold helps an awesome human going through an awful time, something that our dog companions would surely support.

SWD: Pawesome! Does Stacy know any cool tricks?

Nora: If she does, she only does them when we aren’t home.

SWD: With such a famous mom, we bet she has a lot of friends. But what about nemeses?

Nora: Her nemeses are the geese in our neighborhood. They’re big. They’re loud. And she thinks she can take them (she can’t).

SWD: We’re rooting for you, Stacy! OK, last question. True or false: Being a dog parent is better than being a kid parent.

Nora: No comment!

nora mcinerny's dog
It’s a real ruff life, Stacy. Photo: Nora McInerny via Instagram



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