New Dog 101: Your Best Advice in 7 Words

You may be a seasoned pooch owner now, but try to recall the very first time you brought Fido home. What were the most important things you learned in those early days? What do you wish you’d known sooner? We recently tossed these questions to our audience, who retrieved their very best tips for brand new dog parents. The fun part? They did it in just 7 words.

Whether your first dog is a pup or a senior, these words of wisdom from been-there-cleaned-that Minnesotans will get your newest friendship off to a great start:

Photo: @halsey_the_hound

Photo: @halsey_the_hound

1. “Start training. Set boundaries. Bring them everywhere!” – @halsey_the_hound

2. “Cancel your gym membership — won’t need it.” – Kathy Martin

3. “Watch them sleep; then all is forgiven.” –  Brigette Marie 

4. “Put shoes away…and buy paper towels.” – Michaelyn Mann

5. “Be patient. Love unconditionally. Time goes fast.” – Nicole Errante

6. “Training, patience, puppy-proof the house.” – Karen Johnson


Photo: @karenjohnson62

7.  “Socialize. Socialize. Socialize. Bring extra poop bags.” – Barbara Morton Heitzig

8. “A tired dog is a good dog.” – @sheppolly (and others!)

9. “Sign up for puppy obedience class, ASAP!” – Kayla Jo

And the SWD favorite…

10. “Upset? Roll newspaper, hit self on head!” – Sandra Stefaniak

Tell us in the comments, SWDers: if you were to give ONE tip to a brand-new pet parent, what would it be?

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