“Never-Ending Needs and a Ticking Clock”: A Rescuer’s Empowering Plea

Each day in the dog-biz world our news feeds are filled with sad stories and pleas from hardworking folks in rescue, doing their best to make a dent in shelter overpopulation and help people who are struggling to keep their pets at home.

This post from one of Minnesota’s outstanding rescue leaders, Pet Haven‘s Kate Mudge, stopped us in our tracks today:

“Many people have stressful jobs, but today mine feels particularly so. You see, receiving a barrage of emails with the subject line ‘Dies Tomorrow’ is emotionally exhausting. Especially when I’ve spent an hour on the floor, playing with the sweetest dog in the world, and begging a local shelter not to euthanize her (which they didn’t.)

They gave her two weeks. Fourteen days to find a rescue willing to take her in.

So now the clock is ticking. And there are millions of animals in need of homes. And my to-do list is growing longer by the minute. Yet I’m always, ALWAYS aware that the two weeks has become one week. And there is still no home for this girl.

And just today, I have 24 emails and 18 voicemails from people who are looking for help. A man with a German Shepherd who is undergoing emergency surgery tomorrow and needs a place for his dog, yet can’t afford to board her. Can we take her in?

A woman who has been feeding a cat for the past six weeks, and just discovered a litter of kittens under her back porch and doesn’t know what to do. What can we do to help her?

This is the nature of animal rescue. Never-ending needs, many celebrations. And a clock that just keeps ticking away, only to be reset by another clock, ready to begin a countdown for another animal.

I hate when people complain and don’t offer a solution.

But the thing is, there are answers. Tons of them:

Spay or neuter your pet.

Foster an animal, if you have the time and space to do so.

Donate a couple of bucks to a rescue so that they can help someone find an answer to a problem that seems unsolvable.

Enjoy a walk with your rescue dog and take some time to remember that you made space in this world for a living, sentient creature to enjoy another day where a clock isn’t ticking on his watch.

Time for me to get back to work.”

This world can be ruff, SWDers, but you always make us proud. Let’s put some extra MN nice into our rescue community today.

Photo: KME Photography

Photo: KME Photography

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    I’m so moved by your article. Please, let me know how I can help.
    God bless you all, and those sweet sweet babies


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