5 Ways to Celebrate National Animal Shelter Week

We’re beyond paw-roud to offer this article in partnership with Animal Humane Society. Not only do they have an outstanding adoption program, but we’ve been blown away as we’ve learned about the loads of additional services they offer in this community. 

Time for a tip of the hat and a wag of the tail: it’s National Animal Shelter Week! This annual week-long appreciation event presents the perfect opportunity to honor the hardworking folks at our local rescues and shelters.

If there’s a rescue dog napping on your sofa this very second (eh, let’s face it — he probably scooted up on your bed the second you left for work) you’ve got an animal welfare worker to thank for it. And adoption services are far from the only good works being done on the daily: to name just one example, Animal Humane Society (AHS) also aids animals in crisis — from cruelty cases to abandoned animals to natural disasters. (Read more about AHS’ incredible deeds here.)

Whether you’re showing appreciation for the workers and volunteers who made your own dog’s sweet adoption possible (these success stories will really tug the heartstrings) or just want to give a big ol’ pat on the back to those creating a more humane world for animals, we’ve got five ideas for celebrating National Animal Shelter Week:

  • Donate (it’s the very best T-R-E-A-T there is). Financial support from generous people like you makes happy endings possible. If you give to AHS this week you’ll even help them earn matching dollars.
  • Give props. Animal welfare work is rewarding as heck, but it can also be draining — and thankless. Send an email or Facebook message to your local rescue and shelter workers to let ’em know that you see just how much they put into this calling. Even better: a good-old-fashioned handwritten card is sure to make ’em swoon.
  • Join the team. What better way to show thanks than to lend a hand yourself? Becoming a volunteer is a terrific way to lighten the load for shelter workers.
  • Spread the woof. When you notice a rescue or shelter getting ‘er done in amazing ways, don’t keep it to yourself. Share positive articles (like this one) on social media, and leave a two-opposable-thumbs-up review on their Facebook page and in our Directory. Let your friends and family know about the pawesome peeps who made the adoption of your beloved Fluffy possible.
  • In some cases, you can also give thanks in person. Case in point: AHS is hosting an Open House this Saturday from 10-6 in Golden Valley (map), where you can get your paws on merch, score a free ID tag, tour the shelter, and more.

While National Animal Shelter Week only comes once a year, we think this kind of love and appreciation should be a year-round thing. Make it happen, SWDers. ♥

Tell us in the comments: What ways do you plan to show thanks to your local shelter this week?

animal humane society logoThis article was brought to you by the dog lovers at Animal Humane Society. Through low-cost spay and neuter services, free wellness exams, training, expert advice, and more, AHS is committed to helping pets and their families thrive together.

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