Lights, Camera, Snacction: 5 Movie Night Essentials for Dogs

We’re all about taking pup wherever you go… we love dog-friendly bars, restaurants, parks, and events. But sometimes the couch is exactly where pup wants to spend the whole night alone with her fave person. Stream your favorite flick (make sure the cast includes a doggie) and snuggle up with pup and these 5 movie night essentials.

1. Some cheesy doggo popcorn because can you even legally call it movie night without popcorn?

dog popcor

Microwavable just like ma’s, this pup-friendly version is made from Himalayan yak chews that puff up when cooked. Cheesy and crunchy? What more do you need in life?

Get a 12-pack on Amazon.

2. A fizzy (err… fuzzy) pop so she can stay up allll night.


Everypawdy knows popcorn just tastes better with some of the fizzy stuff (but if it’s *that* kinda night, these come in a White Paw variety, too). 

Get it on Amazon.

3. This interactive popcorn toy because you really can’t have too much popcorn.


These lil buddies look pretty darn happy for some folks who are about to get ~literally destroyed~ by a doggo, but we appreciate their positive outlook and sense of adventure nonetheless.

Get it on Amazon.

4. Some matching jams for the whole h*ckin’ fam.


Nothing says “family” like a set of matching pajamas. Plus, it goes without saying that all dogs look dashing in buffalo plaid.

Get ‘em on Amazon.

5. The coziest throw blanket for your special somepawdy.


Pup-tested and confirmed to be both fuzzy AND wuzzy, this pet blankie is sure to prevent doggo from getting frosty. And yes, Bruiser, it comes in pink.

Get it on Amazon.

Featured photo: ZippyPaws on Amazon

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