Mission: Vet Care That Won’t Break the Bank

Update 7/2016: Check out our new post on recent changes to Mission Animal Hospital!

Affordable health care has gone to the dogs – but not in the way you think. This is actually a good thing: Mission Animal Hospital, now open in Hopkins, is offering affordable veterinary services to people in financial need. Now your pet doesn’t have to suffer just because your wallet is struggling, too.

Why Affordable Vet Care is Important
Obviously, for us pet owners the benefit of affordable vet care is apparent. But why would a clinic focus on offering it when other places are charging full price?

Mission Animal Hospital celebrated their grand opening last weekend.

“The human-animal bond is just as important to people in financial crisis as it is to the more fortunate. In some cases, I’d argue, that it’s even more important,“ says Dr. Melanie Sharpe, founder of Mission Animal Hospital. We think she may have a point, there.
After a long career at the Animal Humane Society and other shelters, Dr. Sharpe saw the same thing over and over. “People who loved their pets were surrendering them to shelters because they couldn’t afford veterinary care.” Because of this heartbreaking reality, she left AHS to address the need of affordable veterinary care. And we’re glad she did.

How It Works
Dr. Sharpe offers a two-tiered pricing structure for most services, with other services and medications at very affordable prices. Spay/neuter surgery is usually referred to two local non-profit groups (MN SNAP and Kindest Cut) that offer subsidized, affordable prices. Just show proof of financial assistance (EBT card, WIC, tax returns, etc.) to qualify for the discounted rates.

The staff at Mission Animal Hospital are all smiles at their grand opening.

And the best part? Mission Animal Hospital is a guilt-free zone. Dr. Sharpe knows it’s not your animal’s fault that you’re going through tough times. She’s dedicated to giving your fur-baby all the care she deserves, no matter what your financial situation.

Hours & Contact Information
Visit Mission Animal Hospital’s website to get more info about the clinic, its payment options and hours of operation.

More Help for Dog Lovers in Need
We love that by offering discounted rates to people in need, Mission Animal Hospital is helping keep people and their pets together. Here are a couple of our other favorite local organizations that do the same thing in slightly different ways:

  • The Pet Project provides pet food and pet supplies to food shelves. They also offer quarterly low-cost vaccination clinics and are a great resource for other organizations that offer reduced-cost veterinary care.
  • Foster My Pet helps pet owners in distress by placing animals in a temporary foster homes. They also help owners with their pet’s behavior issues.

— Angie King

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