Minnesota Sled Dog Team Breaks World Record

A picture-pawfect finish.

In sleepy Ponsord, MN, retired sled dog racing legends Eddy and Amy Streeper recently got the itch to put their pack to the test again. Their mission: to break the world record for most dog sleds pulled by a single team of mush pups.

The previous record was six sleds. The Streepers, eight of their closest friends, and 20 of their dogs crushed it, pulling 10 sleds in a rig spanning 165 feet from the lead dogs to the last sled.

“I haven’t been excited like this since the last time I raced the world championships so I was up half the night pedaling my chair around the table acting like a dog musher,” Streeper said in an interview with Forum News Service. Though he thinks the record may soon be broken now that woof is spreading across the country, Streeper wishes the next attempters the best of luck.

Wanna take your own sled dog ride with these world champions? You’re in luck. Eddy and Amy manage Streeper Tours, where they’ll take you on a 3.5- or 5-mile sled ride with some of the 100 mush pups who share their hobby ranch. We’d ruv to give all their good doggos a celebratory belly rub.

(Photo by Forum News Service)

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