5 Minnesota Pet-Friendly RV Rentals

It’s sunshine season in Minnesota, so pup knows what that means—time to take your tail on a road trip! Get your paws on a s’mores kit, pack up those binoculars to scout some squirrels, and start sniffin’ the great outdoors. We’ve rounded up 5 Minnesota pet-friendly RV rentals that just might have pupper ruff-using to go home! 

1. Cruise America

You’re gonna have a happy camper on your hands after renting an RV from Cruise America. This national rental center for RVs says “heck yes” to hounds, as long as they agree to behave and clean up after themselves, of course. Because they’ve got so many rental centers, pup can get creative when planning the itinerary. Book a one-way rental and see where the wind takes you? Why not! 

2. Outdoorsy

Almost like the Airbnb of RVs, Outdoorsy is a marketplace for RV owners to rent to other adventurous frens. If Fido’s more into luxury than ruffin’ it, they’ve got tons of options to ensure you find your pawfect rental. Just be sure to filter your search to pet-friendly selections, and you’ll be gazing at the stars, smellin’ like bonfire, and soaking up pupper snuggles in no time.

3. RV Share

RV Share is another furtastic rental marketplace with loads of pet-friendly RVs. Their site has tools to help your rover sniff out whether she wants to tow, drive, or have her RV delivered to your destination. Whether you’ve got a budget-savvy bud or a polished pooch on your hands, RV Share offers a wide range of inventory from affordable pop-ups to majestic motorhomes. Time to schedule that PTO and plan this summer’s epic cross-country road trip!

4. RVezy

With pick-up and delivery options, it’s easy for you and doggo to get the motorized, towable, or cottage-style RV of your choice with RVezy. Plus, pup’ll have peace of mind with their full insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance that’s provided with every reservation. Thinking about a longer getaway? Many RVezy rentals have discounts for renting at least a week or longer. Oh and be sure to get your paws on their free RV Matchmaking Service!

5. PleasureLand RV

Based out of Minnesota, PleasureLand RV is a premier RV dealership that offers new model RVs for pick-up and delivery in the Twin Cities area. Woofers are welcomed on every RV for a $150 fee. Whether pup’s got her eye on jamming at a music festival, hiking a national park, or just a good ol’ getaway, they’ve got her covered! And they have plenty of add-on packages (like a kitchen kit or a bike rack) to fit your needs. With a long list of RV rental options, floof won’t have to miss another tail-wagging adventure. 

What’s your BFFs fave road trip destination? Bark at us in the comments and tag @SidewalkDog on all your RV adventures!

Featured photo: Jimmy Conover

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