Minnesota Guide to Dog-Friendly Malls

Looking to score some retail therapy with your four-legged personal shopper? Here’s our Minnesota guide to dog-friendly malls where you can shop and walk together—in any weather.

Seven Points

This iconic Uptown shopping center has multiple pet-friendly patios and stores, and pups are welcome in all the common areas and many of the retail shops (just look for the Sidewalk Dog sticker on their storefront). It also offers daily morning dog walking so you and Coco can get your steps in before the place even opens. If you’re in the mood for a latte with your Labrador, you’re right near lots of dog-friendly Minneapolis coffee shops, too.


The high-end retailer’s rules around dogs vary by location so call ahead, but many Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores welcome four-legged shoppers, including Nordstrom at Mall of America and Nordstrom at Ridgedale! There’s even a #dogsofnordstrom hashtag on Instagram. Puppin’ posh.


Venture up to Duluth and you can stroll historic Fitger’s mall, which contains 15 dog-friendly shops and several options for dog-friendly patio dining during the warmer months when you won’t turn into a pup-sicle. Need a longer jaunt? It’s steps from the Lakewalk and Canal Park.

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9 thoughts on “Minnesota Guide to Dog-Friendly Malls

  1. Pam Wetterlund and Frida “woof!”

    Michael’s, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshall’s (I think), Home Depot, and Pier 1 all have welcomed me and my dog.
    Also Dunn Bro’s on Washington in Noth Loop (unless the rules have changed)
    Tarracino Coffee will let u bring dog in for a treat and takeout, but not if u r staying inside.
    Bruegger’s next door to Tarracino on University NE and E Hennepin also let’s me bring my dog in to P/U takeout.
    I wonder about Mojo Coffee Gallery In NE… they seem like they’d be dog friendly. I’ll let you know if I finf out.

    PS: I don’t think Glam Doll allows dogs inside anymore, at least not the NE location.

  2. M.F. Hoffman

    Rosedale is closing its dog walking on February 24. Apparently it is due to the renovations and their inability to get the store ready in time for an 11AM opening on Sundays. Someone must have complained.

  3. Judy & Mike Zerby

    Rosedale is closing their dog-walking opportunities as of next Sunday, Feb. 24! They claim it’s the end because of restoration and needing time to get the mall ready for customers. We think it’s because too many dog lovers were not conscientious enough to pick up after their pups, which ruined it for responsible owners. Too bad. A wonderful opportunity now lost.

  4. Michelle

    I think we’ve lost the Rosedale walking opportunity due also in part to too many dog owners allowing their dogs on the furniture – which is fine for those who choose to do so at home, but not okay in public spaces.
    There also seemed to be an issue with dog owners not exiting the mall at or before the posted end-time for dog walking. I witnessed so many just getting a beverage or snack and parking with their dogs to converse with others – AT “closing” time.
    It is indeed a great opportunity lost for those of us who are responsible and mannerly with our dogs.

  5. steph

    The indoor farmer’s market at Bachmann’s used to allow dogs but no longer. Bring them into Bachmann’s but don’t enter the farmer’s market or you’ll get told to leave. One person claimed it was state law, another told me it was FDA. That’s not at all true. It’s the farmer’s market’s one rules. (In the summer, some farmer’s markets allow dogs. Some don’t.)


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