Minnesota Company Seeks Funding on ABC’s Shark Tank

November 11 update: Mark Cuban is officially just another dog-obsessed human–he’s agreed to invest $250,000 in Dog Threads in exchange for a 25 percent stake. Our big question: will the next Dog Threads product line be Sweat Equity Suits?

October 31: Get ready to root fur the home team–Minnesota’s own Dog Threads is gonna be on Shark Tank! The ridiculously dog-friendly Minnesota market continues to launch more cool new pet product companies than your pooch can shake a stick at. Dog Threads has been helping pups all over the country twin with their people since 2014 in matching Hawaiian shirts, plaid shirts, and the latest (v. Minnesotan) flannel shirts because winter.

The show will air at 8 p.m. CST on Sunday, Nov. 10. It’s already been filmed, but apparently Dog Threads owners Gina and Scott Davis are sworn to ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL SECRECY or something like that. So naturally like the dog-termined investigative journalists we are, we tried to dig up some dirt anyway.

Sidewalk Dog: What are you most excited about being on Shark Tank?

Dog Threads: We’re excited to see how America responds to our company. It was such a fun and exciting experience that we can’t wait to share. We’re also hopeful that with this new audience we’ll be able to donate to even more animals in need this holiday season.

SWD: HDTV though

DT: We’re nervous to see ourselves on TV. Neither of us are into the spotlight so it will be a very surreal experience. Pitching to the sharks was the most nerve-wracking part though!

SWD: Yeah my dog doesn’t even like to look at himself in the mirror. What was your goal or strategy for meeting with them?

DT: To seek investment with a strategic partner who can help us scale our business and take it to the next level. 

SWD: Spill the kibble: do you have a favorite shark?

DT: Robert [Herjavec] for his charisma. Daymond [John] for being such a dog-lover. [Mark] Cuban for his on-point business advice. 

SWD: Ok, so not really. Are you happy with the results of your time in the Tank?

DT: Pitching to the sharks was an incredible experience that we’re very grateful for. We don’t believe in regret and would do it all over in a heartbeat!

SWD: Of course. You did bring dogs on the show, right?

DT: Of course! But we can’t say which famous pups will be there quite yet. Secrets, you know.

(Photo courtesy of Dog Threads)


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