Minneapolis to Consider Allowing Dogs Inside Breweries, Coffee Shops

Photo: @monster_babies via Instagram

Pupdate: We chatted about this issue on WCCO [scroll down to watch] and in the Star Tribune.

Twin Cities dog lovers are fortunate to enjoy tons o’ dog-friendly businesses, including a huge number of restaurant, brewery, and coffee shop patios. The key word here is ‘patios’ — technically, it’s not legal for Minneapolis breweries and coffee shops to allow dogs inside, even when they don’t prepare food on the premises.

Under the radar, however, some local breweries have been giving well-behaved dogs a pass — in doing so; they risk getting a slap on the wrist (or worse) from the Health Depawtment. Ow! We need that wrist for all this delicious sipping!

So it was music to our pup-loving ears when we heard this week that the City of Minneapolis is considering lifting the ban on dogs inside some breweries and coffee shops. They need to hear from you, so here’s your action plan:

1. Fill out this short form to let your woof be heard. (You do NOT need to be a Minneapolis resident to fill out the form. Form answers will be submitted directly to the City of Minneapolis.)

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We’ll keep you posted, SWDers. Paws crossed!

23 thoughts on “Minneapolis to Consider Allowing Dogs Inside Breweries, Coffee Shops

  1. James Hicks

    I don’t have kids. I like dogs more. I want to bring my dog(s) with me when I go out. I feel I have more a right to since my dogs are cleaner and more well behaved than most children.

  2. Lynda Angelis

    it makes absolutely no sense for well-behaved dogs to be kept out of coffee houses. Take a look at european countries who allow dogs in pubs and restaurants it would be nice to be a progressive city

  3. Rachel Miller

    I love taking fosters to events and patios to get them exposure to find new families. It would be wonderful if we could go to all breweries. I love this idea.

    1. Leah

      That’s true. Dogs are better than kids. And I’m sure her attachment to her dog is much healthier than your judgemental rudeness is.

  4. Brian

    I have an honest question. How are breweries not making food on premise? Isn’t that the point of a brewery, making something that is consumed? Breweries have to be just as concerned about food safety as restaurants. I don’t understand why breweries should be allowed to have dogs as they are essentially food-factories. If the law applies to one, it should apply to all, the city should just figure this out.

    1. Nate Brennan

      While maybe you are considering beer as food, I’ll clarify that it’s illegal for breweries to make food on premises unless they’re given a special exemption (like Surly’s “destination brewery”), which is why most local breweries have food trucks outside of them. BrewPUBS make food on premises as they are classified as a brewery and restaurant, but they cannot sell their product in liquor stores as a result. You can blame MN’s archaically conservative liquor laws for that.

      This proposal is to allow dogs in breweries (which don’t sell food), and which make their beer in areas off-limits to customers, so I don’t see the problem.

    2. Jamie

      Some are breweries… Some are brew-pubs…
      Breweries just do the beer. Usually in the back areas, with a bar area separate from the beer making process. And size of the bar area for patrons is limited by fire code for building occupancy. To get around these restrictions, some breweries have a food truck or two parked out front.
      Brew-pubs are different in the fact that they brew the beer in the back, but cooking can be done out front with the patrons, or in the back.

      It all depends on the licensing…

    3. Amanda

      I remember hearing the licensing to serve food is a lot more difficult to obtain. I believe the regulations and ordinances for food safety are a lot more strict than for a brewery. Food licensing might also restrict how much alcohol they can sell (% based). I think that’s why so many of the breweries have food trucks.

      1. Mark

        Keep in mind that the brewing process happens on a completely closed system to avoid potential contamination that could cause off flavors from yeast digestion among other things. Sanitation is a top priority for all breweries.

  5. Lisa

    As someone who takes there dog almost everywhere I have become well versed in the laws regarding bringing dogs(or cat). Per federal FDA rules animals are not allowed in any public establishment that has a kitchen meaning they make or serve food. Also even if a brewery does not serve food, their brewing equipment is consider “food” so if the equipment is in the same room as taproom dogs are not allowed. HOWEVER any brewery that has it behind a wall/separate from taproom can have dogs in their taproom if they choose to do so(or of allowed by building owner). A coffee shop without any food should also be able to have dogs if they choose to.
    I also have a list of all breweries who allow dogs inside if anyone is looking for some, as patios in Minnesota are not an option in the winter!:)

  6. Barbara Joan

    On a recent trip to the San Diego, people not only brought their dogs into coffee shops but to places like Target and Home Depot.

  7. CGiroir

    I would love to bring my little Dolly with me when I go out for coffee, beer or a bit of knoshing. She is very well behaved, sweet and loves the attention. Hurray!

  8. Brenda H.

    I think it’s a great idea, just give us some basic rules, we love to bring our buddies. Would love to bring them in stores and malls too!

  9. Lefei

    We are moving to twin city in a month and can’t wait to hit all the brewries!!!! with our husky would be a huge plus!

  10. Kim

    I’m fine with people taking dogs into a breweries as long as the situation is favorable. Unfortunately I was at a local bar when someone was dragging their small scared dog around on a leash. The bar was crowded and the dog was constantly at risk of getting accidentally kicked. I have no respect for the owner of that dog.

  11. Todd Smith

    I think it isFANTASTIC that they are considering letting OWNERS decide if they want to allow dogs in their establishment (they STILL have to abide by sanitary and cleanliness laws) then patrons can DECIDE if they want to frequent that establishment! Free market, less force of law with necessary oversite allows us all to enjoy life more. Thanks to EVERYONE involved. Let’s hope for a positive outcome.


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