5 Minneapolis Mobile Dog Grooming Options for Your Busy-Body Dog

Big black dog getting procedure at the groomer salon. Young woman in white t-shirt combing a dog. Dog is tied on a blue table.

With a full schedule of chowing down on kibble, chasing squirrels, and waiting for the mail truck to arrive, ain’t nopuppy got time to go to the spa’w! Mobile dog groomers pamper floofs from the comfort of their homes (no waiting in kennels or being distracted by other furry friends!). If that’s just what your busy pup has been longing for, sniff out five Minneapolis mobile dog grooming options below.

1. Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Spa and Grooming

Focused on puppers living in the Southwest Metro of the Twin Cities, Vanity Fur offers a big service menu (including mani/pedis, paw pad treatments, and toothbrushing). Fido’ll be treated like a king from the minute their climate-controlled grooming van pulls into your driveway. From the spa bathing system to the technological grooming tables, this appointment will be stress and anxiety-free.

2. Shear Elegance Pet Grooming

Shear Elegance knows how to balance affordability and high quality care for your furry BFF. Specializing in hand-scissored cuts, this St. Paul-based mobile groomer also offers nail trimming, brushing/combing, shampooing/blow drys, and customizable massages. They use environmentally-friendly, non-irritating products to leave pooch feelin’ herself instead of feelin’ itchy.

3. Nanci’s Mobile Dog Grooming

For all those Plymouth puppers out there, Nanci’s Grooming is at your [mobile] service! Most pampering sessions will only take 1-1.5 hours outta your fluffer’s busy schedule. Each grooming visit includes a bath with drying, a nail trim, a haircut, and styling. Basically, pup is gonna be ready for an evening out on the town!

4. Paws Pet Salon

This Minneapolis mobile groomer brings an entire full service pet salon to your front door. From young puppies to silver seniors, Paws Pet Salon aims to give doggies a comfy grooming environment while allowing their hoomans to get things done around the house all at the same time–WIN WIN for all! 

5. Roni’s Mobile Grooming

From online scheduling to individualized packages, this professional dog salon-on-wheels is all about conveniences. Each appointment with Roni’s Mobile Grooming begins with a pet care consultation to ensure the best services, shampoo, and styling is selected, and ends with a fresh spritz and bow or banana. Grooming appointment cost depends on pup’s breed, size, and coat type/length. Bark about good service!

Do you have a favorite mobile dog groomer in the Twin Cities? Woof at us in the comments!

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