9 Dog-Friendly Garden Stores in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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As the fast pace of Twin Cities life trots along, it’s important to remember to stop and snarf the flowers once in a while. Luckily, friendly neighborhood garden stores are chock full of earthy, floral aromas, inviting outdoor decor, and all the supplies a gardener and their best friend could possibly need to start rolling around in the dirt. Check out these Minneapolis-St. Paul garden stores for all your dog-friendly plant needs.

Tips for Taking Your Pup to Garden Stores

Before we get started, there are a few things to remember: your pup should be on his very best behavior and on a leash at all times. Remain attentive to your pup, as some plants, like tulips, azaleas, and lilies, are toxic to doggos. (ASPCA has a full list of dog-toxic plants.) Head to our shops directory for more deets and even more dog-friendly shops! Alright, on to the good stuff.

Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Garden Stores

1. Bachman’s Floral, Gift & Garden

Bachman’s? More like Bachman’s-best-friend! Dogs are welcome at this fifth-generation family-owned flora emporium, which has been around since the 1800s. They’ve got everything you need to turn your home into a wonderland of greenery, and with five locations around the Twin Cities (Lyndale Ave., St. Paul, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, and Apple Valley), getting there might be as easy as asking, “Wanna go for a walk?”

2. Tangletown Gardens

Usually when we’re in tangletown we’re talking some kinda leash mishap, but this delightful garden shop takes its name from the tiny south Minneapolis neighborhood it calls home. It’s an indoor-outdoor urban oasis right there on Nicollet Avenue, where you can find annuals, perennials, and vegetables depending on your planting needs, plus all kinds of cute gifts and pottery. Bring your pup—it takes two to tangle, after all.

3. Mother Earth Gardens

Isn’t it just like your dog to bark on and on about neonicotinoids and compost tea? They’ll fit right in at Mother Earth! Here, sustainability is key. The staff can match Fido’s enthusiasm for organic growth, living soils, and alternative energy sources—plus you’ll find a larger selection of native plants than at any other Twin Cities retail garden center. Sniff out their locations in Northeast and Longfellow.

4. Klier’s Nursery & Garden Center

From patio pavers to pest control, Klier’s has everything you need to landscape your yard (even if your pup might need to do some digging and redecorating of their own once the work is done). Well-behaved pups are welcome at Klier’s, but you might want to have a heart-to-heart first: There’s a shop cat named Maggie here, and that tabby runs the place. 

5. Sunnyside Gardens

Are you and your dog new to homeownership? Take a trip to Sunnyside Gardens, where they’re more than happy to help gardening-game newbies find their green thumb (or paw). If the two of you prefer succulents and houseplants, they’ve got you covered there too!

6. Leitner’s Garden Center

Tasteful canines will love the arrangements made by Leitner’s in St. Paul—the flowers are as fresh and vibrant as they are! (If it’s humans you’re trying to impress, their bursting bouquets will probably do the trick, too.) Stop in to see what they’ve got, as the array changes daily, or come in with your own ideas and see what kind of creation they can whip up for you.

7. Ecogarden Supply

If you’ve got Insta-envy from all those indoor-jungle-having influencers, leash up the pup and get to Ecogarden Supply. Their whole thing is indoor growing, and they’ve got a collection of specialty lights, nutrients, hydroponics, fans… you name it, it’s here. Time to get that grow-op going. 

8. VIVA Garden & Market

Two green thumbs (or paws) up for the variety of greenery at VIVA Garden & Market’s delightful garden center. From flowers and trees to soil and firewood, whatever you’re sniffing for, their helpful staff will help you find.

9. Agrarian Seed and Garden

With new plants arriving weekly, at Agrarian Seed and Garden you’re not only guaranteed variety, but also head pats for Fido—they love four-legged visitors! Get your paws on some ultra-fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables in their garden center, then pup inside to peruse their local apothecary gifts and goods.

Get out there and enjoy these dog and earth-friendly spots! We want to see pics of your pups enjoying the garden stores–be sure to tag them with #SidewalkDog on Instagram.

Featured photo: KME Photography

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