Twin Cities Breed-Specific Dog Rescues

There’s no bones about it, all pups are perfect! Smol, large, old, or young—we ruv ‘em all. But we also understand that there’s just something about those breeds you grew up with. Maybe you have happy memories of running around in the sprinkler with your family’s Golden or building a snowman while your bully rolls around making his version of a snow angel (um, A for effort). If you have your heart pawsitively set on that special breed, check out our favorite breed-specific Minneapolis dog rescues.

4 Pits Sake Rescue

If you love bully breeds, look no further than 4 Pits Sake Rescue! Not only will they help bring a new furever family member into your life, but they will stay committed to the welfare of your pup and provide support even after adoption.   

A Rotta Love Plus

There’s a whole rotta care and concern going on over at A Rotta Love Plus! They work tirelessly to find the perfect homes for both Rottweilers and Pit Bulls alike. Also, we stan the doggo brow queens.

Across America Boxer Rescue

Are you an intelligent, high-energy, and playful human in search of your pupper soulmate? A Boxer could be the breed for you! Across America Boxer Rescue is a home-based rescue founded in the Twin Cities. With volunteers across the country, this org’s truly living their “Rescuing Without Borders” philosophy.

Adopt a Husky Minnesota

Who can resist the gorgeous blue eyes of a Siberian Husky? Anyone? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Find your new blue-eyed best fren today by getting in touch with the wonderful people over at Adopt a Husky Minnesota.

Aussie Rescue of Minnesota

Sure they love to herd, bark, shed and herd (wait, did we already mention that one?), but once your heart belongs to a sweet and lovable Aussie, you’re stuck for life! Aussie Rescue of Minnesota hears you loud and clear.

Doberman Rescue Minnesota

If you grew up with a Doberman, chances are you’re well aware of how they earned the nickname “velcro dogs.” And if you’re not acquainted with this sensitive and loyal breed yet, Doberman Rescue Minnesota will be beyond thrilled to introduce you to the stuck-like-glue life. 

English Springer Rescue America

Don’t you just love those soft and fluffy Springer ears? Without sounding like Cruella de Vil over here, we firmly believe they’re the coziest around. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re attached to such smart and friendly pups either! The Midwest Region of English Springer Rescue America has available dogs in Minnesota and beyond.

Faerieland Rescue, Inc.

German Shepherds and Welsh Corgis might not have size nor stature in common, but both breeds are equally loved and adored by the fine folks of Faerieland Rescue, Inc. Whether it’s tiny or tall you’re after, we’re confident the folks at Faerieland will work their magic.

The Great Dane Rescue

If the idea of getting almost literally smothered with love by the biggest lap dogs around makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you’re not alone. The Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota & Wisconsin shares your love for these gentle giants and even runs a sanctuary for unadoptable Danes.

Greyhound Pets of America Minnesota

If you have a heart and a home for a retired greyhound, Greyhound Pets of America Minnesota can help find you the right match. They are committed to sniffing out the most responsible and loving homes for these lovely, affectionate dogs.  

Heart of a Border Collie Rescue

If you’re an active doggo-lover, Heart of a Border Collie Rescue has the best buddy for you! H*ck, these puppers get just as excited as you do about running outside all-year round. Carry on, champs! The rest of us will be over here waiting for the snow to melt.

Minnesota Basset Rescue

A Basset Hound Haiku inspired by the Minnesota Basset Rescue:

Your ears are droopy.
Your face is adorable.
Howl on over here.

That’s all you need to know. Thanks be to Dog for these Basset blessings (and the rescuers who boop ‘em).

Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue

For a big ol’ floofer who will drool his way into your heart, look no further than the Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue. Hope you like slobber!

NorthStar Great Pyrenees Rescue of Minnesota

Operating since 1994, The NorthStar Great Pyrenees Rescue of Minnesota is here to help you in your search for the perfect pup protector for your very own flock. And did you know they’re pretty much canine royalty?

PNC Midwest Rescue

It’s tough to resist the sweet little smoosh-faced breed that is the Pekingnese. And no one agrees with that statement more than the fine folks volunteering their time and homes as a part of PNC Midwest Rescue. Courage, dignity, and an impressive mane—what more could you ask for?

Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest

We’re more enthusiasts than experts, but if you know of a breed more loving and devoted than the Golden Retriever, we’d love to know what it is! Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest believes “every dog deserves a golden life,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Saving Shepherds of MN

The special squad of volunteers at Saving Shepherds of MN have found loving homes for over 600 German Shepherds and Shepherd mixes since 2015. We give their devotion to this breed two paws way up.

Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota

Shih Tzu means “little lion,” but there’s nothing fierce about this happy and outgoing breed. Together with the incredible people at Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota, you can provide a loving and compassionate home for your very own tiny king of the jungle. 

UnbreakaBULL Pitbull Rescue

With a mission statement that details how they strive to show the inherent good in all bully-breed dogs as well as dream of creating a hospice program for senior dogs to live out their final days, UnbreakaBULL Pitbull Rescue is hitting us right in the feels. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Have you fostered or adopted a dog from one of these Minneapolis dog rescues? Woof at us in the comments, post on our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook Group, and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in those pooch pics.

Featured photo: UnbreakaBULL Pitbull Rescue

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