In the Works: MSP Metro Transit Pass for Dogs

If you can’t WAIT to see dogs scanning their smartphones as they hop on the train, you’re not alone. Noting a community need, Animal Humane Society intentionally located their new veterinary clinic off a light rail stop on University Ave. in St. Paul. A lack of transportation creates barriers to getting beloved pets to the veterinarian.

But animals are only allowed on Metro Transit if they are traveling in a secure crate or carrier, creating a burden for pet parents with large dogs. Since all problems are better solved with the help of our youth, AHS tasked middle schoolers in their youth education program with helping to find a solution.

“Animal Humane Society believes young people are our future animal advocates,” says AHS Public Relations Manager Mary Tan. “Kids today are smart, creative, and savvy, so when we were thinking of a project for these middle schoolers to work on, we thought the pets and public transportation issue would be perfect.” 

Read this article to find out where they are in the process. We gotta say, kids are a lot like dogs. And by that, we mean the best. 💕

Do you think animals of all sizes should be allowed on Metro Transit? Let us know in the comments, then share your thoughts in our Minneapolis-St. Paul Dog-Friendly Facebook Group.

Featured photo: hedgehog94

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