Off-Leash, Indoor Dog Meetups in the Twin Cities

Dogs are obviously angels, but even the brightest halos in the bunch wanna get a little rowdy with friends from time to time. But where can doggo go to get ruff ‘n tumbly when the weather’s frightful? Fur starters, check out these off-leash, indoor dog meetups in the Twin Cities.

For smol dogs

Pint Size Pooches hosts frequent meetups (usually $8) for woofers weighing 15 pounds or less. These playdates allow pups to run and play while their pawrents socialize. 

Or, wag on over to Dog Day Getaway where they host Tiny Tots and Small Dogs playgroups on certain Sundays ($10 at the door).

For puppies

Dog Day Getaway‘s also the place for Sunday afternoon puppy playtime ($10). You’ll have the opportunity to meet other puppy parents and compare how many shoes have been chewed since you brought your lil floofer home.

Our pals at Animal Humane Society host puppy playgroups ($10 for members or $15 for non-members) separated by age and size on Saturday mornings in Golden Valley.

For athletes

Got a perma-zoomer? Sounds like flyball at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club could be pawfect for your pup. Beginner Flyball is $140 for a 9-week course, and you can find more info about prerequisites and how to apply here!

Looking for a new joint hobby with Fido? Minnesota Skidogs are looking for experienced skijoring dogs and newbies alike to join their FREE cross-country skiing club.

For breed enthusiasts

For dogs who wanna party with their doppelgangers, there are off-leash meetup groups for a furiety of breeds, including Boxers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, and Pugs.

For single pawrents

Twin Cities Pet-Loving Singles is looking for single dog moms and dog dads who want to connect virtually and find their better (hooman) halves, because they’ve obvi already found their slobbery soulmates.

Plus a few indoor dog parks

St. Cloud doggos go mutts for Grey Face Rescue’s indoor dog park, a 1,000-square-foot wonder that benefits the rescue’s pups. You can even rent the space out for a VIP (very important pups, duh), exclusive play option ($10 for 55 minutes). 

From January through March, Stone Mountain Pet Lodge‘s Brooklyn Park location offers playtime at their indoor dog park. Call ahead to reserve your $15 spot.

Between the tasty pints and pups galore, everyone’ll ruv Unleashed Hounds & Hops. They’ve got smol dog nights, giant breed nights, puppy playtime, Newbie Tuesdays, breed night Wednesdays, and rescue fundraisers on Thursdays. Like, come on. This place is a doggie haven! Grab a day pass online.

Make work from home days more interesting when you log on from Brew Park in Plymouth. Registered dogs will be admitted on a first come first serve basis. Owners can hang with their dog in the park or chill in the Barkery where you’ll find coffee, beer, food and wine service.

For our tiny tater tots, Indoor Zoomies in Minnetonka offers indoor play exclusively for dogs 30 pounds or less. To start zooming, register your dog online and upload pup’s vet records, then choose a pass package upon arrival.

Where’s your mutt mingling? Woof at us in the comments and tag us in all your pup-about-town adventures @SidewalkDog!

Featured photo: Laura Howard

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