Meet the Puppy Predicting the Bears Games

We caught up with Walter, the star of NBC Sports Chicago’s Puppy Pick ‘Em. As a Very Important Puppy who is pretty much *in charge* of the outcome of all of the Bears games, Walter is a sports legend in his own right. You know what they say: clear eyes, full bowls, can’t lose.

How did you get into predicting games? Have you always been a Bears fan?

The NBC Sports Chicago crew was scouting me before I was even born. Then One Tail at a Time presented the perfect puppy to pick games. (That’s me.) My real name was Mitch, but the fans voted to name me Walter. I was not a fan until my fat paws stepped onto that turf and there was FOOD EVERYWHERE. SPORTS!

How do you prepare for gameday?

I sleep and dream about what’ll be in those bowls.

The whole city is counting on you–how do you deal with the pressure?

Well when I bet against the Bears, they win. So…….

I did piss on the field once because I was so nervous about picking the Vikings.

What are your favorite gameday snacks?

I am a hound. Anything you give me, I’m going to love.

What factors do you consider when making your decision?

FOOD. They all blabbed “why did you pick the Redskins?” Dudes…my nose went right for the crab…why would I ever choose cheese popcorn over that?

What has been your most difficult prediction?

I was pretty torn about the Saints and the Bears….I either was going to party at Mardi Gras or party in Chicago…just PARTY. I didn’t care that it was not food so I went with the BEARS, but look where that pick got me!

Any upcoming matchups you think might be challenging to predict? 

No matchup is tough when I’m CRONCHING NOMS! Really craving the Chiefs matchup because more than likely I am getting some good KC BBQ.

What advice do you have for the armchair pups out there who want to get into the great game of sports predicting?

Gambling can be addictive, but it is now LEGAL so go fur it. And when your team sucks or your pick sucks, at least there are puppies. 

Watch him work his magic here:

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