Market & Consumer Insights Research

Sidewalk Dog Media offers critical market intelligence about your core consumer—pet parents and pet lovers, particularly Dog People. Our proprietary resources include:

Our Alpha Dog Pack is Sidewalk Dog’s most inner circle of trusted pet-parent consumers who are ready to spill the kibble. Our pack is 80% female, ages 25-54, who spend lots of money on their furry family members—we’re woofin’ doggy daycare packages, dog-walking services, animal chiropractor appointments, animal massage sessions, pet cameras, and more, plus premium pet food, chews, and treats. And toys. Lots and lots of toys.

And these helpful hoomans are at the ready for online surveying, product sampling and trials, in-person facilitated focus groups, and more.

Market Research

Our Market Research and Consumer Insights solutions help you to uncover end users’ attitudes, preferences, and motivations. Leverage our audience and tools to:

  • Perform Brand Value & Awareness Assessments
  • Achieve Brand Lift
  • Conduct Product Trials
  • Test Usability
  • Inform Consumer Packaging & Design insight
  • Elicit Feedback on Marketing Concepts
  • Gain Competitor Insight
  • Collect Testimonials
  • Inform and Evaluate Features & Benefits, Purchase Intent
  • Explore Marketplace Opportunities

“Sidewalk Dog knocked our socks off with results of our campaign, combined with their industry knowledge. They exceeded our wildest expectations. We were able to leverage their influence to launch a new, high-quality brand, using their expertise to make the right decisions every step of the way. We look forward to growing our partnership with them.”

Spuds Mackenzie Pet Food

Our tails are wagging to work with you!

Case Studies


Product Trial & Testimonial Acquisition

Background: TEEF! is a producer of dental care products for pets uniquely designed to balance the oral microbiome for a healthier mouth. TEEF! desired to gain a critical mass of pet parents willing to participate in a product trial. 

Strategy: Collaborating with TEEF!, Sidewalk Dog created and managed all elements of the product trial including a trial demand/participation campaign and survey question formulation, design, and technical development.

Results: The program delivered a 34% conversion rate of completed surveys. Additionally, consumers engaged with the custom on-page article for an average of 3:32 minutes.

“This is FANTASTIC! So much data. :)”



Pre-Market Demand Generation & Product Trial

Background: Kurgo is a leading producer of pet products uniquely designed to make it easier than ever for dogs and their people to get outside, explore, and travel. Their goal was to inform marketing strategy while generating pre-market demand via a product trial to create proponents and influencers upon market launch.

Strategy: Sidewalk Dog had confidence that their audience of active pet parents were the ideal candidates for this test. They created a multi-channel demand generation campaign driving their audience to a kickstarter campaign and integrated into Kurgo’s trial program for the new product.

Results: Kurgo gained the desired participation in their campaign and product trial, and gathered the necessary marketing intelligence to support a successful launch of their rucksack. Of all partners participating in the campaign and product trial, Sidewalk Dog drove the strongest performance results.

“Sidewalk Dog was a critical paid channel for getting our product funded on Kickstarter by consumers. Working with them on this project was like pouring gasoline on our new product launch. We look forward to working with them again and getting our future products in front of engaged pet parents.”


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