Maple’s Day Out With Our Denver Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass

Maple (@maplesmountainadventures) recently leashed up her humans for a day of patio hopping to all her favorite breweries. Using our Denver Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass, she had the yappiest yappy hour ever full of vitamin D, belly scratches, and the occasional treat from her beertender. And her parents didn’t mind the free brewskis. Follow along on her dog day out to learn how you can make the most of your Denver Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass (now on sale!).

Sniffin’ Out Fun at 14er Brewing’s Beer Garden

woman and dog on patio with beer

Here I am at 14er Brewing Company with my mom Mary, who WOULDN’T LET ME DRINK HER BEER SLUSHY, which I’ll never ever furget. The brewer gave me a dog biscuit because I am so good. Would rate 10/10.

Visiting Beyond the Mountain in Boulder

dog on patio picnic table with Denver Dog-friendly brewery pass

I begged to try this one since my pawrents had never taken me before. Was v chill and I mostly chewed my No-Hide bone. The humans said the beer was good, but only let me have water in my bowl. Rude.

Chillin’ Out at Bruz Beers

dog with Denver Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass

Bruz Beers has two locations (both on the Pass!) and we went to both so everyone could see how cute I am (you’re welcome). All this brewery hoppin’ made me kinda tired, so my peeps gave this dog a bone. Improving all the other customers’ lives is more exhausting than it looks!

Having a Ball at Watering Bowl

dog at Watering Bowl in Denver

You guyz, this place was so motherpuppin’ COOL. I played in their dog park, got wet in the swimming pools, and had so much ice to snacc. Mom and dad enjoyed the food and beer, but said I had more fun than they did. Fine by me. 

Going Gluten-Free at Holidaily 

dog on Holidaily patio

The beertenders at Holidaily gave me a gluten- (but not glutton) free biscuit and the humans sampled the GF bevvies. I wasn’t allowed to go inside (pandemic rule), but the patio was really big! Mom got some free beer for being my hero (and a frontline worker). 

Winding Down at Mockery

Last but not leash, we went to Mockery Brewing. It was downtown, so I enjoyed walking around and sniffing all the people and food at the end of the day. I can’t wait to try more places on the Denver Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass.

If you wanna chat more about my adventures, woof me at @maplesmountainadventures, @colorado_brews, or @katahdin_or_bust. 

What’s your favorite dog-friendly Denver brewery? Bark at us in the comments! Get your own Denver Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass pass here.

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