Low-Cost Vet Care Options in Minnesota

low cost vet in minnesota

Between regular vet appointments and unplanned emergencies, medical visits for your furry BFF can sure add up. Whether pup’s juggling one too many bills, lost her side gig, or is looking to save some pennies for her next beach vacay, there are some great low cost vet care options in Minnesota.

Next time pup’s Googling “affordable vets near me,” we recommend digging through these low cost vet clinics.

Animal Humane Society

The Animal Humane Society (AHS) offers a large range of both medical and preventive care options. Between their specialty surgeries, wellness exams, and dental services (hello pearly whites!), AHS is truly a one-stop-shop for the pup.

AHS offers a sliding fee structure based on income and household size. Be sure to fetch the right documents before your vet visit. 

Mission Animal Hospital

Mission Animal Hospital, the Midwest’s only nonprofit veterinary hospital, offers services and resources to support your fluffer for a lifetime. Beyond the low-cost preventive wellness care and general surgery options, Mission treats complex surgical cases.

Mission Animal Hospital is open daily for urgent cases. They provide a two-tiered pricing structure based on household size and income.


The Minnesota Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (MN SNAP) has provided spay/neuter services to more than 166,000 pets. Spay/neuter appointments include a pre-surgical physical exam, nail trimming, post-surgical care, and pain medication as needed.

Sniff out MN SNAP’s qualifications if pups aren’t in Fido’s future. MN SNAP has a Minneapolis clinic and a mobile surgery clinic that treks Minnesota throughout the year. 


Veterinary Treatment Outreach for Urban Community Health (VeTouch) provides nutritional support and basic pet care to Twin Cities pups loved by low or no-income families. Volunteer University of Minnesota veterinary students work under the guidance of licensed vet pros to gain experience in establishing paw to hand relationships. It’s a waggin’ win-win for all!

Note: During these ruff pandemic times, the VeTouch clinics are curbside, typically on Sundays from 3-7 p.m. at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church.

Access Veterinary Care

Since it’s founding in 2016, Access Veterinary Care‘s goal has been providing approachable, affordable, and accessible vet care (& they truly understood that assignment).

Welcoming any pet, any hooman, and any income, Access Veterinary Care is open Thursday through Monday from 11a.m. to 9 p.m. They list many of their clinic service prices online so pup can budget accordingly.

Additional Canine Care Assistance 

Sometimes you just need a lending paw. We get it, and so do these orgs.

Minnesota Humane Society offers grants of up to $1,000 for qualified Land of 10,000 Lakes residents to pay for 75% of vet care.

Animal Care Foundation of Minnesota works directly with veterinary member clinics to provide up to a total of $350 per one family pet each year.

Did we miss any Minnesota low cost vet care options or locations you’d recommend? Leave us a bone below.

Featured photo: Sam Lion

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