Lost Dogs

Lost-Dog Resources

Nothing quite compares to the gut-dropping sensation you feel upon realizing your dog has made a run for it, not to mention the uncertainty about whether he’ll make it back.

Learn more about resources and tips to help bring lost dogs home safely:

  • Lost Dogs MN is a free service that lists lost and found dogs online. Report a lost or found dog here.
  • The Retrievers uses a hands-on approach to help people find lost dogs through consultation, search strategy, and the humane capture of skittish dogs.
  • To prevent your pooch from going missing – and help get her back if she runs – microchipping and licensing are a must-do. (Minneapolis and St Paul residents can buy pet licenses on our site for the same price as the cities’, but with extra perks!) 
  • Finally, you don’t want to miss this lovely story of a lost Minneapolis dog who made it home.

Stay safe out there, puppers!