Local Shelter Kittehs Getting Jobs as Rodent Control Officers

We’re all about the canines here at Sidewalk Dog, but sometimes we have to give props to the kittehs. “Cats have staff,” as the old adage goes, but a select few are now on the staff roster, too. Shelter cats with jobs? You read that right.

As the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports, local businesses are now adopting Animal Humane Society (AHS) cats to let them do what they do best: rodent control.

AHS cats that are adoptable to businesses can’t be placed in homes for a variety of reasons, including inconsistent litter-box use, and negative reactions to being cat-handled by humans. They are usually adopted in small teams of two or three, and have been most popular at businesses rodents frequent like garden centers and warehouses. Businesses and barns have adopted nearly 500 cats since AHS started the program in 2015.

Could your biz use a four-legged rodent control department? Check out the highly qualified (and furry) applicants.

P.S. This only makes us ruv AHS more. Check out the great work they’re doing for dogs, too.

(Photo by Dmitry Ulitin)

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