Local Couple Hosts “Bark” Mitzvah for Their Dog

There’s nothing we love more than seeing you celebrate those gorgeous four-legged pals of yours, so when we got woof that a local couple threw their pup a Bark Mitzvah, we needed deets. Like, yesterday.

Ladies and gents: We bring you Charley.

Charley’s dad, Alex Locke of Cottage Grove, explains: “Every Jewish 13-year-old boy has a Bar Mitzvah. On May 11, Charley turned 13 so it was appropriate for him to have his ‘Bark’ Mitzvah.”

The party took place at the home of Alex and his husband, Chad. They invited seven of their closest hooman friends as well as two of Charley’s four-legged pals, Macy and Paxton.

The guest of honor was treated to an eloquent toast from his papa. When it was Charley’s turn to give the customary haftorah speech, “well…he did his best to get through it,” Alex jokes.

Photo: Alex Locke
“It’s about time I get my own cake.” Photo: Alex Locke

The cherished party guests enjoyed a catered meal followed by a delish doggie cake by Nadia Cakes in Woodbury, eaten on custom tablewear.

Photo: Alex Locke
Almost too cute to eat off of. Almost. Photo: Alex Locke

Charley looked dapper in his tallis and kipah, and the human attendees sported custom-made Bark Mitzvah shirts.

Photo: Alex Locke
We think this pup’s a kipah. Photo: Alex Locke

“Overall, it was a blast,” Alex tells us. “I highly recommend every 13-year-old dog has a Bark Mitzvah!”

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