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Literature forms part of a student’s life in college. Throughout your schooling years, you will come across different literary works. Their storylines, characters, and concepts can shape your college life. You can get inspired by these names and characters and pick a name for your new furry friend.

When you give your dog a literary-inspired name, it creates a lasting impression of your love for books and your affection for your furry friend. Here are dog names that were inspired by college literature. These literary dog names are amusing and a source of motivation to help you create a stronger bond with the literary world.


Frodo can be an inspiring name for a male dog. Author J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings depicts him as a special character. He sets out into the risky task of destroying one of the rings. He represents people that are full of selflessness and resilience. Many times, college life is full of challenges. You can name your dog Frodo to remind you of the importance of facing them head-on. The name can remind you to value friendships and to commit yourself to success.

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Darcy is an inspiring literary name for a male dog. Mr. Darcy is a character found in the book Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen. He is mysterious and also a man of honor.

Darcy is a representation of morality and decency. He can be one of the inspiring dog names book characters that remind you of the value of respect. It can remind you about the importance of kindness in your relationships both in the classroom and away.


Scout can be an inspiring literary dog names female character. Author Harper Lee of To Kill a Mockingbird represents her as a courageous young girl. She has a lot of curiosity and loves adventure. She represents the desire to gain knowledge and a strong will to question everything.

When you name your dog Scout, she can act as a reminder that you approach life with courage. She reminds you to be curious in education and to learn to ask questions. If you live in an apartment, remember to choose the best dogs for apartments. It gives you the best experience with your furry friend.


Daisy is another good choice for inspiring female dog names from books. Daisy Buchanan is featured in the book The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is viewed as the definition of beauty and charm. In the book, Daisy is desirous to achieve the impossible.

Naming your dog Daisy can act as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of education. She will always remind you to go beyond physical beauty and pursue inner beauty. She can remind you to seek the impossible and achieve higher grades in education.


Pip can be one of the wonderful male dog names from literature. He is a character found in the book Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens. In the book, Pip is an orphan who gets a chance to join school despite hardships. The name depicts affection, loyalty, and consciousness.

The book portrays how Pip was transformed through education and self-discovery. Education can shape your destiny. You can name your dog Pip so that he can remind you to work harder. The dog can remind you to search things out and learn more for a bright future.


Holden Caulfield is a character in the book The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D. Salinger. He represents teenage rebellion as they seek self-identity. The name can be good for a male dog. It can inspire you to be who you are and refuse to be influenced by bad characters in school. When academic pressure is high, this dog name can remind you to stay resilient.


When you are choosing a dog name from different literary works, explore the different characters in each book. Consider the unique qualities of each character and the life lessons they can teach you. The name you choose will serve as a reminder of how rich literature is. It will also act as a consistent inspiration to work harder in education.

Author Bio: Scott Roberts is an online tutor and an academic writer. He loves working in the education field as it allows him to extend a helping hand to students who lack English language skills. Since English is important for writing college assignments, he helps them by taking up freelance projects in writing and editing. All his work maintains the highest standards.

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