5 Drool-Worthy LickiMat Recipes for Dogs

lickimat dog recipe

Want to help soothe your best fren’s anxiety? Food. Distract her while she’s getting a pawdicure? Food. Encourage her to go into her crate? Food. When it comes to dog parenting, snaccs are the ultimutt currency. And to make the noms last a little longer, we recommend LickiMats. Whether for slow feeding, boredom busting, or anxiety soothing, you’re gonna want to load that LickiMat up with some quality food for your dog’s refined palate. Sniff out 5 LickiMat recipes for dogs. 

Note: Adjust the portions as needed for your individual pup, and freeze ‘em before serving to make the food really go the distance.  Also, lick mats come in many brands and sizes. Some are more optimal for slow feeding or enrichment, while others are meant to soothe. Find the one that’s best for pup (and/or easiest to clean).

1. Fetch of the Day

This one’s a little fishy, but trust us. Spread some canned salmon on the mat, and top with carrot shreddings (and maybe even a couple freeze dried sardine dog treats if it’s pup’s lucky day). Pup’ll be barking “Bone Appetit!”

2. Berry Good Doggo Treat

Use some dog-approved peanut butter as your base, then add some blueberries on top. Spice it up with a sprinkle of cinnamon. As a bonus, cinnamon’s antibacterial power will help freshen pup’s stank breath. 

3. Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner

OK, this one doesn’t have to be beef, but what we mean is slather on some wet dog food, sprinkle some kibbles on top, and let pupper go to chow town.

4. PSL: Pumpkin Spice Lickimat

Pumpkin is a healthy snack for dogs, and you may even reach for it when pup has a tummy ache. For this LickiMat recipe, spoon plain canned pumpkin onto your mat (make sure it’s not pie filling). Add just a schmear of whipped cream for the true PSL effect. 

5. Go Bananas Smoothie

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can actually blend a banana and natural plain yogurt together before spreading it onto the LickiMat. If you’re a busy pup pawrent, just smear some mashed banana and plain yogurt side-by-side. Add some other pup-approved fruits or veggies to round out the smoothie experience. 

Get creative with any dog-approved ingredients to make a 5-star snacc of your own.

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