Rescue Mutts, Not Labs, Should Be Our State Dog. (There, We Said It.)

A group of Minnesota state legislators have pup-posed a bill that would make the Labrador Retriever Minnesota’s state dog. If passed, “Raven’s Bill” (named fur the pup star on outdoor writer Ron Schara’s TV show, “Minnesota Bound”) would make Minnesota the 13th U.S. state to declare a dog breed as an official state symbol.

Many Sidewalk Doggers in our Facebook group advocated for rescue or service dogs to be named the North Star State’s official dog. Group member Kasey R. said, “The amazing rescue dog culture here in Minnesota is unlike any other state I’ve ever visited… rather than boost the desirability of one breed over any other, why not skip out on naming just one, and say we are Home Of The Rescue Dog.” Way to go, Kasey!

Whaddya think, Sidewalk Doggers? What dog breed–or type–would you like to see as Minnesota’s state dog? (Or do you think this is all just a bunch of hooey?) Woof at us in the comments.

(Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash)

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2 thoughts on “Rescue Mutts, Not Labs, Should Be Our State Dog. (There, We Said It.)

  1. Gail Harris

    Rescued is my favorite breed – imagine the impact that would have as a state moto. Spreading awareness of commercial breeding is the best way to shut it down. Most people who buy from pet stores have no idea.

    Furthermore, behavior is learned. An unsocialized retriever is far more concerning than a well rounded stigmatized breed.

    Yes I love retrievers. No, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t want them to be any state’s endorsed breed. It’s why backyard breeding exists. People think they can buy the perfect dog, and that’s never going to be true. Trust is earned. Love is taught. Neither of those can ever be bred or bought.

  2. Lisa

    Rescue is best!! We are kind decent people here, let’s show the country that we are leaders not followers. The Lab is member one breed it is an amazing breed but please let’s not follow. Always rescue not kill.


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