How to Keep Your Car Clean on a Dog Road Trip

This article is a part of our On The Road series, sponsored by Tall Tails and Kurgo. I adopted my dog, Nora, in 2016 from One Tail at a Time in Chicago. She was a rescue from Alabama, a state with a high euthanasia rate. As we come up on our five-year anniversary this summer, we’re celebrating with the ultimutt road trip. Follow along with our yappy trails as I take Nora on a solo road trip to see the ocean.

This road trip is all about a new adventure, but deja vu strikes and your car somehow is looking like your apartment when Fido was still in his puppy days. When you’re tired of sitting amongst your dog’s hair, fast food wrappers, and other messes, read on about how to keep your car clean on a dog road trip! 

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A Kurgo car seat cover for drooly boys and girls.

German Shepherd dog in back suit of car on Kurgo seat cover for article on how to keep your car clean

We hate name calling, but let’s say it–Spot is a slob. He sheds, he snaccs, and he drools, and all of this is getting onto your car. Protect your backseat with the Kurgo Wander Hammock that’s waterproof, stain-resistant, and comes in different colors to best match your dog’s hair. 

Get it from Kurgo for $69.99 (plus 20% off with code NORA20).

A Tall Tails waterproof pad for your W.A.P: Wet A** Puppy.

dog resting on Tall Tails Waterproof Dog Pad
Tall Tails

You can’t define what adventure is–a romp on a beach, a dip in a lake, or a hike during a downpour. TL;DR, your dog is wet. Tall Tail’s Waterproof Dog Pad is the perfect solution to keep your car dry. Lay it on your dog’s seat before they hop in to make sure your seat doesn’t get soaked, and it can be used as a place mat for your dog’s food and water bowl once you get to your destination! 

Get it from Tall Tails starting at $11.99 (plus 25% off with code NORA25). 

A dog towel *with pockets.* 

an orange towel with a dog bone pattern on it for article on how to keep your car clean
Tall Tails

Actually, before you even let a wet dog into your car, dry ‘em off with this convenient Tall Tails towel. You can even put your hands in and say to your dog, “It’s got pockets.” 

Get it from Tall Tails for $16.59 (plus 25% off with code NORA25).

A travel shower for on the road messes.

person using Kurgo travel shower to wash muddy dog

Your dog heard that mud masks are great for their skin, so he decided to take a whole mud bath. While his skin may be glowing, you may not be at the thought of how you’re gonna clean him up before hopping into the car. No fear, with the Kurgo Travel Shower. Pop this bad boy onto a standard water bottle and give them a bath on the go. 

Get it from Kurgo for $13.99 (plus 20% off with code NORA20).

A tailgate dumpster for your dog’s doo.

mini dumpster attached to jeep tailgate

When you’re out on the trails, you know the saying, “pack it in, pack it out.” We totally get it though, trash cans may be scarce on the backroads of nature, and keeping it in your car may have you driving down the highway with your windows open… Solve this problem with Kurgo’s Tailgate Dumpster. Pop this bad boy onto your car with magnets and dump your dog’s doo when you can. 

Get it from Kurgo for $21.99 (plus 20% off with code NORA20).

A shed sweeper for your shed monster.

person sweeping dog hair off car seat with Kurgo shed sweeper tool

You brush your dog out, you bathe them, you get the car seat cover… Yet your dog’s hair is everywhere. Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be ruff; sweep the shed with Kurgo’s Shed Sweeper Dog Hair Remover

Get it from Kurgo for $10.99 (plus 20% off with code NORA20).

A designated doggie bag for pup’s must haves.

dog posing next to Tall Tails doggie bag for article on how to keep your car clean

You’ve got your suitcase packed but don’t forget your dog’s necessities (including what you need for a dog road trip emergency kit). Keep your car organized with a designated Doggie Bag Everyday Tote by Tall Tails. It’ll be easier to find what you need or quickly grab things for your pup while driving if it’s all in one spot. 

Get it from Tall Tails for $14.99 (plus 25% off with code NORA25).

What are your tips on how to keep your car clean on a dog road trip? Woof at us in the comments and tag us #SidewalkDog on your road trip adventures! 

Featured photo: Jimmy Conover

Safe and enjoyable travels for you and your pet are Kurgo’s passion. As the founders put it, “We never create a product unless we think it solves a real need, is original or a major improvement on what’s on the market, and can stand the test of time.” Their products come with a lifetime guarantee, which means you’ll never have to leave your BFF behind.

Tall Tails got their start in infant bedding, so you can rest assured that every product is crafted from durable, non-toxic materials and designed for easy cleaning. This means they’ll keep looking smart and stylish wherever your pet’s “dreamy place” might be. And you’ll feel good knowing your precious pet is happily napping in the most baby-safe bed, blanket, or throw you can find.

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