It’s OK to Get a Puppy. (There. We Said It.)

Thinking of adopting a puppy? In case there’s any doubt in your mind about whether to get a puppy, here are nine cuddly, mischievous, and zoomie-filled reasons you should start stocking up on kibble now.

WARNING: The following post contains some really, really cute pictures. Do not scroll down if you feel you can’t handle it.

1. There’s a good chance you’ll get to wake up to this expression every morning. At 1:00 a.m. And 2:15 a.m. And 5:53 a.m.

getting a puppy is okay

2. Literally anything can be a brand-new toy. Anything.

getting a puppy is okay

3. You never know what they’ll get up to.

getting a puppy is okay

4. Your holiday photos will never be the same. (And they’ll never be cuter.)

getting a puppy is okay

5. You’ll get to experience plenty of (priceless) shade-throwing and general side eye from older pups.

getting a puppy is okay

6. But they’ll also keep their older siblings young at heart.

getting a puppy is okay

7. There will never be a bad time for snuggling, cuddling, or puppy kisses. (Or hiding in the bathroom during a thunderstorm. #YOLO)

getting a puppy is okay

8. You’ll have a built-in adventure partner every day of the week.

getting a puppy is okay

9. But perhaps the best part of getting a puppy is celebrating the milestones, birthdays, and years to come. And looking forward to not worrying about where all of your shoes went. That’s nice, too.

getting a puppy is okay

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(Top photo by Daniël Maas on Unsplash)

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