7 Twin Cities Murals Fur the Doggo ‘Gram

We know your dog keeps asking you to snap pics for their loyal Instagram following. On the couch? Stale. In the bed? Old news. Your yard? BORING! Lucky fur you, we sniffed out some Instagrammable street art spots for pup to sit, stay, and smile. So get your cameras ready, stage ‘rents, and go adventure to these Minneapolis-area murals. Your dog’s fans are WAITING!

1. I Like You Mural

French bulldog in front of I like you Minneapolis mural
Yeah, I like you, but I like dinner more.

Situated on the side of i like you in Minneapolis, this colorful mural provides the perfect backdrop for your pup. Bonus: The store supports local and independent artists with all the best wares, and your dog can shop with you!

2. The Stars at First Avenue 

Twin Cities murals- man holding dog in front of stars painted on First Ave concert venue
Take Me (out for pup cups) With U.

First Avenue is legendary (hello, Purple Rain), but the criteria for what earns a spot on the side of the building remains the source of many local myths. So while musicians don’t quite know how to get a star, your pup can be a star when posing in front of names of the greats.

3. Smart Factory Mural

@leo_the_lionpup looking furbulous as always / 📸 KME Photography

Smart Factory, located at Lake & Harriet, features a few murals by local artist Adam Turman. Make some room on your camera, bc you’ll be snappin’ all the pics.

4. Baby I’m a Star Mural

dog and person posing in front of Minneapolis mural
 Ready to sleep on the couch; taking photos for my adoring fans is exhausting. 

Featuring a Prince lyric, this Greg Gossel mural located at 928 Hennepin Avenue is appropriate for your Insta-famous doggo (who I’m guessing also has no time to waste). We love the comic book vibes.

5. Bulldog Mural 

Minneapolis bulldog mural by artist Chuck U
Yo, is that my cousin Frankie up there?

Located on the side of The Bulldog Downtown, (temporarily closed, but Uptown and Lowertown locations remain open) this Chuck U mural offers a picture perfect place for pooch to do her best smizing.

6. Animal Humane Society Mural

NOPE. Not due for another vet visit this year. I only sit here for them good-good doggie biscuits.

This mural is FuRESH. Recently finished, it graces the exterior of Animal Humane Society’s newest veterinary center on University Avenue in Saint Paul. This Chuck U mural celebrates animals and community. The background forms a map of Saint Paul, complete with neighborhood names.

7. Craft & Crew Restaurant Murals

dog in front of mural
A princess waiting patiently for her muttloaf at The Howe. / 📸 Kendell Victoria Photography

Bonus: Peep a mural AND grab dinner with your dog at any Craft & Crew restaurant. Choose from The Block SLP, Stanley’s NE, The Howe, or Pub 819. There’s plenty of chow for humans and dogs.

Looking for a fall photo location? Check out dog-friendly Minnesota apple orchards.

What Twin Cities murals does your pup find the most Instagrammable? Make sure to tag #SidewalkDog / @SidewalkDog when you’re checking out local street art.

Featured photo: @hubert_thebulldog (Pour one out for the Great Minnesota Get-Together 2020.)


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