Best Instagram Dogs to Follow in Chicago

Every day in our great city, dogs do adorable things. And humans, powerless against the sheer delight of it all, document every second of it on Instagram for the good of everyone. Here are some of Chicago’s most-followed accounts for cute dogs doing everything from snuggling in their jammies to dressing up as *very tuff* rap superstars.

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Osiris with Riff’s face and Milhouse’s butt.

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Osiris has a very important job as a therapy dog, but when he gets a little time off to blow off some steam, he enjoys kicking it with animal friends big and small, crushing some soft serve ice cream, and catching bubbles (not balls, but he doesn’t want to talk about it). Catch him hanging with his bff @mickeyalicekwapis, a local taxidermist and metalsmith.


Nine-year-old reigning Freshest Pit Bull on the Planet Chango looks fly as heck whether he’s bumming around in his joggers or dressing up in his finest chains. His Halloween costumes are basically better than all of ours combined. Also, he and his baby evidently gossip about us, but they’re so adorable that it’s a risk we’re willing to take.


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The official account of PAWS Chicago, the city’s largest no-kill humane organization. We love them for their focus on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless pets, inspiring a large percentage of our population to participate in the marathon and the fact that they post a lot of pictures gotcha days, piles of puppies, and dogs wearing knit hats.


Cass and Elmore are the floofiest bears in all of Logan Square and probably the world, to be honest. These Newfies have gorgeous smiles and project beauty and majesty in all situations. They’re also pretty much bib models and probably possess the most impressive collection of drool catching devices we’ve ever seen!


It seems like Lola and Jazzy wear cute pajamas at virtually all moments. Even in their life of chill, they make plenty of time for their philanthropic efforts which include representing special needs “monsters” for @imnomonster and fighting for the rights of dogs in Detroit. They were also special guests at @bark_nation’s Sex and the Pitties, obviously because they’re very good looking and perfect.


Rescue darling One Tail at a Time found homes for over 500 dogs in 2017, and they took gotcha day pictures of almost all of them on their signature turquoise couch. One Tail is committed to helping underdogs who need it most and helps some of the cutest dogs we’ve ever laid eyes on. Follow for a delightful daily blend of photos from foster homes, dogs playing at the adoption center, and updates from forever homes (so nice of these thoughtful pups to keep us in the loop!).


The official account of The Anti-Cruelty Society is loaded with posts about sweet dogs, special adoption events, and lots of posts of widdle tiny baby puppies on the scale (!!!). We love all the pics of their special rescues and how hard they work to help them all go home. Give them a follow to keep tabs on all the cuties kicking it at their 510 N. Lasalle adoption center.


The fine folks at ALIVE know that every dog deserves a great home. Stacked with adoptables and pictures from forever homes, Alive Rescue’s feed is absolutely loaded with sweetness. This incredible green rescue is making a huge impact, and we love to see all the meaningful ways they help rescue pups find happily ever after. Follow them for special events, gotcha days, and of course, #fosterfails.


Live Like Roo is an incredible foundation that helps families by providing financial assistance through their dog’s cancer treatment. Their account is packed with incredible generosity, stories of love and hope, and doggies snuggling with the blankies from their cancer care packages (sniffle). Head to their website and watch the video on Roo’s story (and have your tissues ready).


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Official account of Rude Dog, @onetailatatime founder @radheather’s main man (their couples costumes and matching scarves are serious #relationshipgoals). Very fluffy rescue Rudie has an affinity for trash, tacos, and resting blissfully on a variety of patterned surfaces. Follow him and never miss one of his grooming updates again–that’s right, folks, he gets EVEN FLUFFIER.


Run by Chicago Animal Care and Control’s tireless squad of devoted animal lovers, this account posts all the adoptable little boos at the city’s animal control facility at 2741 S. Western Ave. We especially love the inspiring stories of long-termers finally getting forever homes. All the dogs there are always considered urgent–your reposts and tags can and will save lives!


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Corgi lovers rejoice: we hereby present to you an endless stream of sassy April and her sassy sister Abby snuggling, wearing sweaters, and going swimming. April enjoys hanging with her friends and watching her dad watch Twin Peaks. Bonus: dad just got a SPY CAM to keep tabs on the cute stuff she does all day!


Safe Humane is the place to keep up with all of Chicago’s court case cuties. These special pups with sparkly, hopeful eyes have been rescued by police and animal control–and they’re aDORable. You’ll also find inspiring posts of Safe Humane’s impactful programs that provide critical opportunities for at-risk dogs and people to help one another.


“Three legs, don’t care.” OTAT favorite little baby Chunk is so flawless that he has his own t-shirt. This little pittie mix with knowing (and glowing!) amber eyes is proving one post at a time that tripods do have more fun. We can’t wait to watch this special boy grow up!


This motley crew of bully-mix misfits is just like you saw your middle school squad: a little weird, but totally cute. Follow the adventures of Sinna, Logan and Riley (formerly of ALIVE fame) as they snuggle, smile, and get in solid pool days where they can. We don’t blame their mom for taking pics of them nonstop–with this much personality in one house, it’d be tough to do much else!

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