Best Street Art Photo Opps Fur Your Denver InstaDog

There’s a lot going on in 2020, but your frens never lose sight of what’s really important: looking cool on the internet. With picturesque panoramas of the mountains and a vibrant street art scene, Denver is the perfect place for your photogenic pups to remind their followers how good looking they are. Here are 5 of Denver’s best places to take Instagram photos so your Insta dogs can strut their stuffs. 

Larimer Boy and Girl Mural

We really dig River North Arts District (RiNo), the heart and soul of Denver’s mural scene. Head down to Larimer Street, especially between 27th and 29th streets, for dozens of murals, including the Larimer Boy and Girl Mural. 

Painted by local artist Jeremy Burns, this iconic psychedelic mural is an optical illusion sure to dazzle dogs and humans alike. Walk one direction and you’ll notice a boy with a surprised face; walk the other and you’ll see a girl with a sad expression. If you’re thirsty (and who isn’t?!) you can bop over to see another one of Jeremy’s murals and drink a beer on Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company’s dog-friendly patio. 

Yellow lab in front of teal wall mural.
Yes, I know I’m a work of art.

Project Spread Hope Art Located throughout Denver 

H*ckin COVID had both dogs and their people feelin’ pretty down, so Denver artist Koko Bayer created Project Spread Hope to bring light and inspiration to our streets. Pups’ll love the over 200 hope hearts throughout Denver, some of which feature the pride flag and black and brown stripes to celebrate people of color within the LGBTQ+ community.

Yellow lab in front of black and white wall with a rainbow heart mural that says "hope."
Hope you give me pets and butt scritches soon.

Create More Mural

Let doggo walk you down Market Street in LoDo where you’ll enjoy vibrant, playful, and colorful murals like Create More between 21st and 22nd (if you can take your eyes off your furry masterpiece). Market Street also features the whimsical pink and orange Matter Books storefront and a psychedelic-inspired mountainscape, so you’re gonna wanna make sure to remind your dog to delete some apps to make room for these v good pics.

Yellow lab in front of colorful "Create More" wall mural, one of the best places to take Instagram photos in Denver.
Wearing my propeller hat bc it’s a lewk.

With Love From Denver Mural

Remind everyone who’s not in the Mile High City that your dog is cooler than them by posing in front of With Love From Denver murals (2314 Broadway) painted by Artist Pat Milbery. The bright colors really capture the energy of the city’s thriving arts and music scene. Plus, it will complement all your dog’s awesome accessories (fur an autumnal vibe, snag these fall dog scarves).

Interwoven Street Mural

Denver’s largest piece of street art is painted on a one-block stretch of Bannock street and is closed to thru-traffic, so you’ll have time to capture all those angles. Each panel of this tapestry-like design pays homage to Denver’s mountain views, blue skies, indigenous cultures, and our journey as a community. In future months, the city plans to add trees, picnic tables, and chairs for people and pups to enjoy!

Did we miss any of your dogs picks for best places to take Instagram photos? Woof at us in the comments and tag #SidewalkDog in your fur-tography adventures!

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(Photo by Cole Wyland)

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