Indoor, Off-Leash Meetup Groups for Twin Cities Dogs

Dogs are obviously angels, but even the brightest halos in the bunch wanna get a little rowdy with friends from time to time. Where can a doggo go to get ruff ‘n tumbly when the weather’s frightful? Fur starters, check out these indoor, off-leash meetup groups.

For anypawdy:
Highland’s Doggie Play Dates in the gym at Gloria Dei Lutheran in Highland Park are a houndy hoot and a half with common toys and water bowls for the pups and coffee for the humans. Even more good news: your $5 suggested donation benefits MN animal rescues. Sniff out the Facebook group for the latest.

For packs:
A New Leash Dog Training‘s Edina facility can be booked via Sniffspot. Sidewalk Dogger Miles says he and friends meet up monthly and split the cost. Excellent tip, Miles. Please don’t hate us for passing it on.

For smol dogs:
Pint Size Pooches hosts frequent meetups for woofers weighing 15 pounds or less. Or wag over to Dog Day Getaway on Sunday mornings for a small dog playgroup.

For puppies:
Dog Day Getaway‘s also the place for Sunday afternoon puppy playtime ($8).

Animal Humane Society hosts puppy playgroups separated by age and size on Tuesday evenings in St. Paul and Saturday mornings in Maple Grove.

And young floofers can wear each other out from 11 to noon every Saturday at Dreadlocks for Dingoes Lowertown. It’s free and you’ll meet other puppy parents to compare how many shoes have been chewed.

For athletes:
Got a perma-zoomer? Bloomington Obedience Training Club has a flyball team.

For breed enthusiasts:
For dogs who wanna party with their doppelgangers, there are off-leash meetup groups for a furiety of breeds, including Boston Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds, and Pugs (plus an extra one for Cavaliers because *somebody* can’t get enough of ’em).

Plus a few indoor dog parks:
St. Cloud doggos’ll go mutts for Grey Face Rescue’s indoor dog park, a 1,000-square foot wonder that benefits the rescue’s pups.

From January through March, Stone Mountain Pet Lodge‘s Brooklyn Park location will have an indoor dog park from 12-3pm on Sundays beginning January 5. Call ahead to reserve your $10 spot.

Minneapolis is gearing up to welcome two NEW indoor dog parks later this winter: Underdog Park and Unleashed Hounds & Hops.

And for good measure, here are even more indoor, off-leash ideas.

Where’s your dog mingling? Woof at us in the comments.

(Photo by Laura Howard)

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