Best Spots for Indoor Dog Walks in Seattle

Howling “rain, rain go away” just ain’t cuttin it lately. Those clouds aren’t goin nowhere, and Fifi’s perfect paws weren’t made for puddles. How is she supposed to be admired on her walk now? Never fear! When it’s raining Corgis and Dalmations, sniff out our list of spots for indoor dog walks in Seattle. 

Note: Pups should always be on leash or in a carrier in store. Always take a potty break before heading into a store to walk. We called each business below, but we recommend giving your store a call to make sure nothing has changed before pup struts inside acting like she owns the place. 

Pets in Store

Sometimes pup wants to walk amongst the finer things in life: rawhides and squeaky toys. The excitement of going to the pet store is worth two workouts, and treats are a big part of exercising. PetCo and PetSmart always welcome furry friends gettin’ their fitness on. At Washington’s own, Mud Bay, staff loves to see their favorite fluffy friends in store, especially for a prance down the kibble aisle.  

Tool Time: Dog-Friendly Hardware Stores

Pup has projects in mind, and he needs your input. He was thinking he needs at least a half cord of wood, the chewy stuff. Once you’ve settled your project list Buddy can really get into his walk around his favorite harrrrdware store. Home Depot on both Utah and Delridge and Lowes on both Aurora and Rainier would love to see your buff boy in action. Lil fluff told us the staff might even have treats. Harbour Freight on Corson welcomes doggos with open paws. 

Tellin’ Tails: Dog-Friendly Bookstores  

So your pup is an intellectual, makes sense. Sherlock Bones and Bark Twain are waiting to walk with your literary Labrador. Elliott Bay Books, Third Place Books (both Ravenna and Steward Park locations), and Amazon Books welcome big brains and bestest bois. If your smol fry needs a smaller walk, check out some other dog-friendly Seattle bookstores

Crafty Canines: Dog-Friendly Craft Stores 

A walk through the artificial flowers and fabric can be a reality for your crafty canine at these dog-friendly craft stores. Joann Fabrics and Michael’s are dog-friendly companywide! We still called ahead, and they said they can’t wait to meet your visionary woofer. Hobby Lobby allows and loves dogs too! So much tulle do and so little walks!

Fashion Floof: Dog-Friendly Clothing Stores

Nothing says style icon like your pupper. Lucky for your luxury Lab, Seattle’s Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstroms are dog-friendly. The staff love to see a beautiful pup alongside the usual clientele. No better place to strut that fluff!

Bone Decor: Dog-Friendly Home Stores 

Spike has been stuck inside for forever; he needs a change. Get some inspiration and a walk at Home Goods and Pottery Barn. The decor and doting staff are enough to make a doggy fall asleep on a tufted couch. Once Spike finishes redecorating inside, he can plan your pup-edible garden. Check out these Seattle garden stores for indoor dog walks that smell like her fave parks. 

Budget Beagle: Dog-Friendly Department Stores 

Fido is frugal; we love that for him. Sometimes a ball on a budget is the best thing. Ross on both Pike and Rainier, Tj Maxx (Roosevelt), and Marshalls (Barton) would love to see your four-legged baby. While everyone admires your pup’s athletic physique, you should probably buy a couple fuzzy blankets for pup’s bed. 

Exercise and attention are an important part of your dog’s routine, so when the rain starts pouring in Seattle, try indoor dog walks for some pup enrichment.

Does your pup have a fave indoor dog walk in Seattle? Howl at us in the comments and tag @SidewalkDog #SidewalkDog on your walkies.

Featured Photo: Bianca Ackermann

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