When It’s Ruff Outside: 3 Indoor Dog Parks in Seattle

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Seattle has no shortage of year-round dog-friendly outdoor activities, but also no shortage of rain either. And sometimes your favorite winter hike won’t do it, and your usual indoor walks ain’t scratchin’ that itch. When your energetic pup needs something new, or more than a loop around the living room, sniff out our list of indoor dog parks in Seattle. 

Note: We have verified these locations are open and accepting new dogs. We recommend calling or making a reservation to guarantee pup some playtime. All locations require a copy of dog vaccination records before entry. 

1. Dogwood Play Park 

Dogwood’s outdoor/indoor dog park and human bar are worth a tail wag. Dogs big and smol have all been taken into considered with different play spots for smaller fluffs and gentle giants. Humans of all kinds (who are 21+) can enjoy the beer, cider, and wine selection while Princess gets her social on. 

Check out Dogwood’s requirements before you go. Entry starts at $15. Humans without dogs are welcome too. Yay! 

2. Martha’s Garden 

Buddy googled “indoor dog parks near me” cuz he saw rain in the forecast, and he prefers dry paws and pals over puddles. Martha’s Garden has an entire indoor dog park and bar to help fill pup’s and hooman’s social calendars. Grab a bev off the menu and watch your doggo have a doggone good time. 

Entry is $10 per dog and free for humans (dogless humans are welcome too). Sniff out park requirements and hours before headin’ out fur playtime. Check their calendar for puppy play, Samoyed meet-ups, and more. 

3. Growlerz

This place is full of all kinds of growlers, IPAs (important pup appreciators), Lil Pil-sner’s, and your wonderful woofer. At Growlerz, puppo can romp around their outdoor/indoor play park while humans (who are 21+) refill their social cups. Mr. pupular prefers butt-sniffin’ introductions…just don’t knock it till you try it is all he’s sayin. While he’s busy, you can sniff out the rotating food trucks.

Check out the visit requirements before struttin’ to Growlerz. Entry is $12 for non-members. Humans without smol fries are still welcome. 

More Indoor Dog Activities 

If the indoor dog park is full today or fren has his heart set on something a lil’ different, there is still more indoor fun to be had! 

Indoor Dog Room Rentals

If doggo is looking for some exclusive playtime, his fave places, Growlerz and Dogwood, doo short-term private rentals. Call the pack; it’s time to pawty! 

Keep the party goin’ and rent the dog lounge at Pickles Playland for pup’s next b-day bash, complete with pawty assistant and canine catering. 

The ultimutt party rental is at Bow Wow Fun Towne, where you can rent the pup pool or daycare room by the hour. Someone grab the party hats! 

Members at Zoom Room can book a private gym session ($25/hr) exclusively for Fifi’s zoomies. Just picture it: you, an empty indoor dog park, and lil’ fluff havin’ a ball! 

Ahimsa members can rent the indoor dog park, ideal for reactive doggos that need some space or their own pack playdates. 

Indoor Dog Playgroups

Zoom Room members can join puppy or adolescent playgroups for $20 at their Seattle location. Sign us pup for front row seats to puppy play! 

Pupils enrolled in training classes at Ahisma can join puppy play or teen play for some extra socializing after class. 

Indoor Dog Swimming Pools

Bow Wow Fun Towne’s full-sized pool is also available for open swim and private swim. When pupper is ready to dive into aquatic fun, you can learn more here

You and ur aquatic floof can swim together at K9 Aquatics. Imagine all the synchronized swimming routines y’all can make up during your self-swim session

If runnin’ around ain’t Buddy’s speed, a snooze under the table might do the trick. For a more mellow hang, grab your BFF and hit up one of these heated patios or breweries

Did we miss pup’s fave indoor dog park in Seattle? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @sidewalkdog in pics of your social Papillon!

Featured photo: Blue Bird

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  1. Martha’s Garden has switched to daycare only! But there is a new one in Ballard called Dog Yard Bar in Ballard

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