Heckin’ Cold: Indoor Dog Activities for Denver Pups

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One of the best parts of living in Colorado is chances galore to get outside with your dog: But what about those winter days when it gets—pardon our French (Bulldog)—heckin’ cold? From dog gyms to indoor pools, sniff out these indoor dog activities to keep pup entertained yearround.

Denver Dog Pools

Step aside, landfluffers—your part fish pup will love these splashtastic activities. Canine & Conditioning Rehabilitation Group offers recreational swimming in its heated pool seven days a week. Extreme pawthletes will love dock jumping at Jasper’s Splash Zone. While you escape for warmer weather, send your dog on his own vacation at Paradise 4 Paws, a doggy boarding and daycare facility with in-ground, bone-shaped splashing pools.

Denver Dog Training

Judging by her *literal artistry* when it comes to garbage can excavation, your pal’s a dang genius. Teach your old dog new tricks by signing her up for training classes that go beyond sit, stay, ‘n come. An agility class will have Spot weaving between poles, jumping over objects, and conquering tunnels (here are some tips for getting started in agility), or letting her fur down during a freestyle dance class.  

Denver Indoor Dog Gyms + Indoor Dog Parks

Dogs are super confident and body positive, so can you think of anyone better equipped to be your gym bud? K9 Fit Club is a million times better than joining a regular gym, with classes for every human and doggo activity level including Bark & Burn, Boomer Fitness, Pupilates, Namasitstay, Tai Chi Wa Wa, and more. Pro tip: Bring the leash if your dog hasn’t quite mastered his “stay” position. 

You could also create your own dog gym or indoor dog park by renting space at House of Dog TrainingPaw School, or EarthDog Denver. Invite your closest furry friends for a meetup and squad up, pups.

Dog Playgroups Near Denver

Just like you can’t miss your Thursday-night happy hours, many dogs thrive on socialization. Puppy playtime abounds at daycares like Camp Bow Wow and Canine Fitness & Fun Center. If you’re lookin’ fur playgroup socialization without daycare, head to K9 Wisdom Training in Loveland and Champ Dog Park in Colorado Springs. 

Denver Indoor Dog Walks

If the weather is having a temper tantrum, head to Home Depot or Lowe’s, where you and pup can get in touch with your inner handyman. Or stroll the aisles at a pet store, and let pup pick out something tasty. 

Want more? Sniff out our dog-friendly directory for breweries, wineries, shops, and more spots that are ready to welcome you and Fido with open paws. 

Bonesing for more ideas? Check out these winter dog activities to make the season fly by. 

Featured Photo: Peter Plashkin

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