I Surprised My Class With Puppies and No One Could Even

You may know me for my hard-hitting dog journalism here at Sidewalk Dog, but I also spend my days teaching the teenage youth of America how to write and stuff. That’s right, I go to high school all day and then think about dogs for a living. So I guess you could say my life is pretty cool.

But you know what else is pretty cool? Puppies, that’s what.

So when approximately 61% of my students experienced breakups with their significant others in some kind of synchronized display of emotional demolition, there was really only one way for me to move forward.

I ordered them a dang puppygram from One Tail at a Time.

By some stroke of strength and fortitude, I managed to keep it a secret from them for weeks. This was challenging, of course, because as a rule, a significant portion of my job entails reminding them every important date 6,000 times per day, and I didn’t want anyone to be absent on surprise puppy day.

Naturally, I made the obvious choice and told them I’d throw them a Taco Bell party that day. This was deliciously effective.

And, to really get them, I told them they were gonna have a quiz. More specifically, a Pup Quiz. I told them like 40 times and no one ever caught it.

Now, I give them quizzes all the time. I literally check their understanding of concepts daily. So when they kept hearing about the Pup Quiz, they all just made that “Y tho” face, lamented my existence, and continuously sighed to communicate their anguish over yet another day of drudgery and despair.

That is, until three itty-bitty-widdle-squishy-floofy-fuzzy-wuzzy puppies walked in and everyone’s faces lit up like heart-eyed Christmas trees.

My classroom was filled with more “awww” than the set of “Full House” in 1987.

Yep, it was that much awww. You can see the video for yourself:

In the end, our bellies were full and our hearts were, too. And I got to be a teacher hero (for like 40 minutes until I saw them again in 8th period and made them do work again).

And while high school love may come and go, one thing is for sure: puppies are forever.

(We can dream, right?)

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