7 Hypoallergenic Dogs for More Snuggles and Less Sniffles

Dogs are sweet baby angels who make our spirits bright and our hearts full. They also come with dander, which for some of us is sort of a life-ruiner. Luckily, these allergy-friendly pups can make pawrenthood a reality for the sneeziest of us. While there are no *fully* hypoallergenic dogs, these ones promise they’ll try their best.

1. Goldendoodle

Happy Goldendoodle smiling outdoors | Hypoallergenic dogs
This is not a popularity contest (but if it were, I’d be winning). | Mia Anderson

Smiley, affectionate, and so-fluffy-I’m-gonna-die, Goldendoodles are America’s sweethearts when it comes to hypoallergenic dogs. These doods are part Golden Retriever, part Poodle, and all love. This designer crossbreed is often found in rescues, so keep a lookout!

2. Afghan Hound

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. | Arve Kern

Eat your heart out, everyone! If you’ve always wanted to be upstaged by an unreasonably good looking dog who actually woke up like this, look no further. Elegant and comical, these allergy-friendly beauties will make you laugh while simultaneously looking better than you.

3. Barbet 

Smiling Barbet looking at camera next to a person with a water bottle
If The Dude were a dog, basically. | quokkabottles

Ever dream of having your very own Snuffleupagus? Enjoy cascading brown curls without all the Kleenex. Fun-loving and intelligent, Barbets make excellent agility partners, too.

4. Schnauzer

Happy Schnauzer laying down
I don’t always chew things up. But when I do, it’s something you love. | Sebastian Coman Travel

These guys were actually put on this planet to be guard dogs. Oh, and also kill rats, which tbh is pretty helpful. However, we stan a Schnauzer for his fine mustache (and his allergy-friendliness, of course).

5. Maltese

Glamour shot of a Bichon
Taking mall glamour shots like: | Nikolai Chernichenko

No matter how many times we see ’em, it’s still hard to believe these cute things are real. And they’re also really good at not making your nose run. These pups are cheery, bright, and obviously very adorable.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dog on bridge
Am fisho. | Gayatri Malhotra

These hypoallergenic honeys ain’t called Portuguese Water Dogs for nothing! Bred to be the cutest members of any fishing crew, these pups have webbed feet and absolutely ooze charisma. It’s easy to see why Bo Obama captivated the nation.

7. Samoyed

Smiling samoyed sitting outside
Cue “Dream Weaver.” | Lui Peng

Affectionate and gentle, Samoyeds make great family dogs. Even though they are clearly very fuzzy and do shed a ton, these dogs have low dander and thus can be a match for humans with allergies. Most importantly, they essentially look like stuffed animal polar bears.

What are your favorite allergy-friendly breeds? Woof at us in the comments and be sure to tag us in all your puppy pics at #SidewalkDog.

Featured photo: Peri Stojnic

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