5 Howliday Gifts That Support Seattle Rescues

We probably don’t need to tell you how the pandemic has impacted pretty much every single industry, but one you may not have considered is the rescue scene. Between cancelled fundraisers, lower volunteer turnout, and closed shelter locations, many Seattle rescues are struggling. Lend a paw by buying their merch this season. Good cause, sweet bling, and cuuuuuute gifts for your family and friends this holiday? Win, win, win. 

1. Old Dog Haven Mug

This rescue is dedicated entirely to providing homes, resources, and care to senior dogs–so their holiday theme, “Old is Gold,” is perfect. We’re especially fond of these mugs, which are excellent for grandparents with a good sense of humor.

Get it from Old Dog Haven for $20.

2. Grounds and Hounds Gift Subscription

Is there a more “Seattle” thing? No, no there’s not, and we’re HERE FOR IT. A Grounds and Hounds gift subscription can be gifted in 3-, 6- or 12-month intervals, with 20% of profits going to help fund rescue initiatives (six of which are local to Seattle). Plus, you get incredible, organic, and eco-friendly specialty coffees each month! P.S. Sidewalk Doggers get 15% off with the code SidewalkDog.

Get it from Ground and Hounds – Prices vary

3. Motley Zoo T-Shirt

Yes, you can be a bada** rock n’ roller AND a loving dog parent (just ask this Motley Zoo t-shirt). The cool thing about Motley merch is that you can see which pet you’re helping out. For example, purchases of this particular design will go to help a dog named Mick Rory, a rescue from Mexico who has had a tough time, but is slowly but surely getting healthy in a foster home.

Get it from Motley Zoo for $26.99

4. Ginger’s Pet Rescue Car Ribbon Magnets

We’ve all seen the car stickers like “Baby on Board” or “My Kid is an Honor Student.“ No offense to babies and honor students, but there are other things to brag about too! How about rescuing a dog from a shelter?! Now THAT is something to shout from the rooftops (err…car windows)? These car ribbons from Ginger’s Pet Rescue allow you to do just that. And if we know one thing about those who rescue dogs…it’s that they like to talk about it. Guilty as charged.

Buy them from Ginger’s Pet Rescue for $15.

5. Pasado’s Safe Haven Sweatshirt

Slow. Clap. Pasado’s Safe Haven is really up on the times with the newest addition to their gift shop: this tie-dye sweatshirt that even the coolest, Gen-Z TikToker in your life would love. If we wear it, would that make us hip? Just wondering. Plus, the inclusive message?! Yes please. For dogs and humans.

Get it from Pasado for $54.

What else is on your gift list for your human and furry frens? Bark at us in the comments and be sure to tag @sidewalkdog in your holiday pics.

Featured photo: Adrianna Calvo

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